Exclusive Stream: Languish “IX”


Check out “IX” from Extinction, the upcoming debut LP from Arizona grind unit Languish, featuring members of North, Gatecreeper, and Territory.

Late last year, Matt Mutterperl and Zack Hansen of TovH favorites and beautiful sludge creators North joined up with Sean Mears of Gatecreeper and Ryan Bram of Territory put out a 4-track demo of nasty grindcore under the banner of Languish. This week, the band will release their debut album Extinction. If “IX” is any indication, it’ll be a crushing affair from this Arizona supergroup. Peep it with your ear buttons:

Go like Languish on Facebook. Then, preorder a digital copy of Extinction here or pick up a cassette (featuring artwork from Ethan Lee McCarthy) here. Keep an eye out for vinyl pressings this Fall from Battleground Records.

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  • The W.

    Those gutter growls are nasty

  • Dagon

    Exclusive streams make me hornay.

  • The drumming is good.


    • ME GORAK™


      • Dagon


    • Kevin Nash & Friends

      This also gets the #KN&FSealOfApproval.

  • CyberneticOrganism

    This is filthy as hell.

  • Bunk Moreland

    “this is the rocket”

  • The W.

    This has been a fantastic year for grind and grind products.

    • You’re right. Even I’ve been attracted to some grind releases. Great stuff keeps coming from all different styles of grindy.

    • Dagon

      I need to spend more time with the grind. Become one with it.

      Besides Maruta, Antigama and Napalm Death, what am I missing?

      • Unrest 😀

        • Dagon

          Some dudes in Unrest are also in Crypt Sermon, right? Kinda crazy.

          • The W.

            Also: Theories, God Mother, Blurring, Oblivionized, and Cloud Rat. Not all pure grind, but still killer.

          • Dagon

            I checked Oblivionized after it got coverage here, definitely a jam.

          • CT-12

            I really liked that Theories album. Great shit

      • Scab!

      • ME GORAK™

        GORAK LIKE!!!!!!!


        • The W.

          I’m a fan.

      • The Kill – Kill Them……All
        Call Of The Void – Ageless, they are more of hybrid of hardcore and grind but I don’t see why they wouldn’t appeal to grind fans.

        • more beer

          I’ve seen them a few times. They are very good.

          • Call of The Void? I’m keeping my eye out for when they head east to NY/NJ, I love both of the albums they’ve put out so far.

          • more beer

            Yes. They are from Boulder which pretty much makes them local for me. Definitely see them if you get a chance.

        • Dagon

          That call of the void album was in my rotation earlier this year. It’s great in the gym too.

          That and Xibalba were my go to HC records along with code orange that I’m still bumping occasionally.

  • Guacamole Jim

    Aw yeah. This is just what I needed for this morning.

    >mfw I grind to dis



    these guys sound like they ate a cactus flower and shit out a bullet belt.

  • Stockhausen

    Mmm, I would smear this sound all over my body.

    • The W.

      With or without Nutella?

      • Kevin Nash & Friends

        With. I love this and Nutella so a combination of the two would be awesome.

      • Stockhausen

        Mmm, I think Nutella might prevent it from smearing as effectively.

  • I like everything about this. Production is not too polished but not too shitty. Grimey guitars and mixing up the tempos. Psyched to hear the rest.