Enjoy these Dank #MetalMemes!


If there’s one thing I know metalheads love, it’s memes. I can tell by looking at the huge volume of viral Facebook shares from other metal blogs. Dubya, Masterlord, and I decided to make some totally dank memes for you guys to share on social media and help us get a million likes on Facebook. Enjoy!






bad meme









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  • Typos, typos everywhere!

    • DDubya.

      Dank meme, bro!

    • Stockhausen

      And not a drop to drink.

  • Ted Nü-Djent ™

    Turn down Cannibal Corps.

    Is that like the Marine Corps?

  • Buttzocles, Ignatius’ Disciple

    a still life’s not the same, quoth one
    nor portraits, scapes, or scenes
    no master’s art canst hold its flame to these
    the dankest memes

    • Stockhausen

      You’re so wise. And so butt.

  • DDubya.

    “At what point does the satire become part of the problem?”


  • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

    These memes are so dank.

  • Paris Hilton

    Is Cannibal Corps a band lol I wouldn’t know cuz I don’t listen to screamo. who’s the old guy in the bottom meme!? Post a REAL metal band liek Asking Alexandria XD


      • Paris Hilton

        That’s Phil Labonte from Avenged Sevenfold XD I love their classic album Nevermind but it just sucks those old guys from Overkill totally RIPPED OFF there logo!!!

  • FeelTheDarkness

    Smoke the dankest weed

  • Tyree

    I’ve listened to the new Primitive Man EP every day after work since I got it. Makes for very violent dish-washing, and changing of the clothing.

    Not related to this post at all, but just saying. I feel violent right now.

    • Edward/Breegrodamus

      Uh, I preordered it and it says it comes out February 17th.

      Do you have whole thing?!

      • Tyree

        Yeah! mine leaked somehow. It’s crazy dude, Ethan said that only a few copies were sent out. I was one of the lucky ones I guess.

        • Tyree

          Here it is:

          • Edward/Breegrodamus

            Ah, I’m jelly. I’ve heard two of the songs and I have played the fucking shit out of “Loathe” but still.

          • Tyree

            It’s really 3 tracks, the last song is sort of a closer track but it’s still quite good.

          • Edward/Breegrodamus

            I heard (from Molenaar) that Gorguts is working on new material that may or may not appear on a split in 2015.


          • Tyree


          • JWG

            Reliable source. Still feels like a tease.


            dis real sexy, fellow beer-god

          • Stanley

            And what beer would that be?

    • Hey! Careful with that expensive plates!

    • more beer

      They have that effect.


    • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

      This is the dankest meme I have ever seen.

      • EsusMoose

        He’ll probably get sued by Kerry King for stealing his restaurant chain.

        • Legends says Kerry King even sued his own wiener because the wiener betrayed him in that moment :OOO

        • Sure you’re not talking about Vince Neil? Lol, saw this little remake of Home Sweet Home on Blabbermouth, speaking of.

          And now I’m obeser,
          And my cholesterol,
          Is runaway high,
          While my insulin level’s low,

          Just when I need tits to rub,
          I remember I’ve got my own,
          Just pass the butter,
          And I’ll lube them up and never feel alone,

          Aching in my heart,
          Straining on my bones,
          Just one more bite,
          And I’ll finish up,
          My thirteenth full t-bone,

          It’s on my plate,
          It’s on my plate,
          Scones, sweet scones! *DIVEBOMB*
          Tonight, with Sprite,
          Chocolate parfait,
          Dessert buffet,
          Scones, sweet scones!

          You know that I’ve eaten,
          Too many Romany Creams,
          Can’t stand up,
          I need bariatric surgery

          My heart’s written up in a book,
          On cardiology,
          Doctor tells me,
          That I’m a medical mystery,

          I’m overweight,
          I’m overweight,
          Sixteen stone, *DIVEBOMB*
          Too light, Too light,
          I’m on my weigh-in,
          And I’m overweight,
          Nineteen stone!!


          I’m overweight,
          I’m overweight,
          Thirty stone,
          Now I’m on my way in,
          To surgery,
          Forty stone!!

    • FeelTheDarkness

      I need to make that my FaceFuck profile picture. Because I enjoy King Diamond and Burger King but not Kerry King.

  • Stockhausen



  • Edward/Breegrodamus

    Cannibal Corps


  • lolbuttz


  • JWG

    Dank(o Jones’ Rob Ford) memes: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/danko-jones/rob-ford-memes_b_4282468.html

    (no longer topical, but whatevs)

  • EsusMoose

    I know it’s a joke but the rage is still there. 2dank4me

  • Hayden Clifford

    I love the death metal one it is so true

    • EsusMoose

      I had to scroll back up there to figure out which one you were talking about, bad decision.

  • NefariousDude

    I want moar plZ

  • This shit is so dank.

  • Spear
    • EsusMoose

      ^can travel by toliet

      • Spear

        It’s the only way I travel anymore.

        • EsusMoose


    • Edward/Breegrodamus

      Upvoted for gif, lol

    • FLUSH!

    • i wish escaping was this easy

  • These are causing me physical pain.


    I wont flush it, I want to admire it.

  • Call the Slambulance

    This is SYWH quality. So dank.

  • CT-12

    Unrelated, but just found this on craigslist hahaha. I didn’t know zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz was trying to start a band! http://bellingham.craigslist.org/muc/4879228421.html


      hails to based zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s galactic spacerock band.

      • David Vincent’s Spandex Shirt

          i do not ascribe to the multiverse theory

          • DDubya.

            Nor do I, dankbeard.


            i do think it could be possible to bend space-time to “wormhole” ourselves to a distant part of the universe. Without any sort of proof, the multiverse theory seems kinda like . . . science fiction

          • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

            It seems silly to believe in multiple universes if there’s no proof of there being more than one.

          • Lacertilian

            Some people use that very logic to combat religion(s) though.
            My qualm is that uni means one, so multiple universes is semantically annoying to me. Multiverse just sounds wrong to me also.

          • We need to fix the problems down here on this little blue marble before we start worrying about what’s out there. For all we know, the ‘intelligent life’ out there could be like the prawns from District , or like the Garbage Pail Kids.

          • Lacertilian

            I’ve heard another way is to simply reduce the space between you and the object/destination.
            Once we can reduce space in the first place, that may prove useful, until then it’s just words, or a physicist being a smart-arse.

          • …says someone who hasn’t seen Intarstellar

          • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

            I saw Interstellar.

          • ok

          • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

            I still don’t believe in multiverses though.

          • ok

          • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

            Why do you keep on saying ok Jimmy?

    • Akercocke ov Steele

      But at what dimension do we cross the line? At which one of the 6 dimensional effluvial interstices do we say enough is enough?!

  • How I will feel once Friday is over. Edit – this gif is not working, I’ll figure out how to get it going

  • There we go!

  • Scrimm

    Lolbuttz. There’s a gif of that baby getting carried off by an eagle but I can’t find it again.

    • DDubya.

      That poor child.


        Once again – – – it is time for

        Play 1st vid at sardonic moments – 200% volume.

        • Lacertilian

          BXBX does it again, good stuff with the Hooded Menace interview also. Going to have to check out their older stuff before the new one drops.

      • CT-12

        Bless his heart 😉

  • Eddie Trunk Jr., Floor Tech

    This album is perfect for listening to while really stoned. Any band that has had Lemmy is good with me.



      I’m just imagining Based Jimmy getting butthurt with dks2 while I just went 5-0 as a red phantom.

      also, you could just listen to

      • still figuring out how to get the Move wand to work in the game


          do not use the move wand

          • just joe king
            that game’s tough, maybe i shouldn’t finish a whole bottle of wine before engaging…


            That’s the only way I play, except with vodka or bourbon

  • Bob Saget


    • DDubya.

      Oh man, I love this.

    • Ferris Mueller


  • JvRv

    This post gave me cancer

  • john

    Jesus fuck, is the spelling correct on any of these? And they fucked up the Inigo Montoya’s line! These are fucking useless.

  • Nordling Writes ov Karhu

    This is a post about which I would say: “This is a dank post”

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    all hail –the beautiful mila kunis
    1st vid -full vol
    2nd vid–muted
    3rd vid–full vol
    all at once




  • Jefrey Waylon Mann
    • DDubya.


  • Lord Ov Kapsko

    What the hell is spacecore and is it really worth listening while being baked?

  • omfg

  • Rho Stone

    too late but whatevs

  • Dylan Snow

    metal is the best and so is punk
    Slayer dittohead