Dancing With Wolves: Dog Fashion Disco’s “Sweet Nothings”

dog fashion disco, sweet nothings

Dog Fashion Disco was always a band that flew under my metal radar until, as a strapping 18 year old flusher, I came across Polkadot Cadaver on *GASP* Myspace. Entranced by their esoteric and psychedelic brand of metal, I was prompted to read into their history – thus stumbling upon Dog Fashion Disco (Fun fact: The band’s original name was Hug The Retard – Good call on the name change, guys!). Being a Mr. Bungle fan, the obvious Patton worship hooked me instantly. Unfortunately, by this time, DFD had released 6 studio albums and disbanded.

Fast forward to 2013 – The interwebs began spouting rumors that the band was getting back together with all of the original members (sans keyboardist Jeff Siegel) to perform a handful of reunion shows. During the second show, frontman Todd Smith announced that they would be recording a new album –Sweet Nothings, their first new material in seven years. After launching a successful crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo (they raised $85,000 of their $30,000 goal), the album is here.

 Sweet Nothings opens with ‘Greta’, a haunting waltz that introduces the Disco boys back into their rightful throne as the leaders in avant-garde metal. The waltz doesn’t last long, as ‘War Party’ kicks in and the headbanging  begins. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics set the tone for the rest of the album: “Before they set the world on fire/By decree of the only prophet/Before they strike the matchstick/And pass out big cigars”. Razor-sharp guitar riffs slowly intertwine with a full-blown horn line and the rhythm begins to channel a ska vibe à la Reel Big Fish. ‘Scarlet Fever’ is a more straight-forward rocker that could easily be passed as a Polkadot Cadaver B-side.

Dog Fashion Disco should pride themselves on how demented their music can sound at times. ‘Tastes So Sweet’ opens with a twisted parlor piano, and immediately bursts into one of the most memorable moments on the album — the chorus will be stuck in my head for weeks to come. The madness continues on ‘Doctor’s Orders’, which is so funky that George Clinton himself would bow to. ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ showcases Brian White’s groovy bass licks and ends on a Dillinger-esque math-metal high note.

By track #9, I’m sold. This is one of the most fun (and interesting) listens I’ve had in a long time. The haunting chant of “Es ist eine kleine welt” over a wall of ethereal circus music solidifies the band’s importance in progressive music. The reggae magic of “Struck By Lightning” with the accompanying sax solo towards the climax had me rolling a spliff with my eyes closed. ‘End of the Road’ marks the end of an hour long journey – but DFD hasn’t given up yet. The slow build-up of the seven and a half minute album closer reaches its peak and drops one HELL of a doomy guitar riff that keeps your head bobbing throughout the remainder of the track — The perfect conclusion to a terrific reunion album. Welcome back, guys.

Favorite tracks: ‘War Party’, ‘Tastes So Sweet’, ‘Doctor’s Orders’, ‘Struck By Lightning’

1.5/5 Flushes

Sweet Nothings is out tomorrow on Rotten Records / Razor To Wrist Records.


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      What exactly would we fund? Costs for maintaining the servers? Because I think Patreon would be better suited for that.

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        I thought Patreon was only used for fan porn artists to secure something along the lines of a paycheque instead of living off commissions? (Joking.)


          I think that the crowdfund platform isn’t important….so much as getting everyone to contribute so there are resources for growth

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        For now it would be things like that but who knows, money could fund official compilations with songs chosen by various writers, maybe even a Toilet Ov Hell sponsored concert.

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          You shouldn’t have said compilations, because now all I can think of is a Toilet ov Hell comp full of shitty songs that rip on Website Thou Shalt Not Be Named.

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            Oh that would be hilarious.

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          A Toilet ov Hell concert or even a Festival would be extremely fun.

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            Lots of fun and has the potential to be well organized and run smoothly, not to mention having great bands playing.

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  • W.

    I have a question for Flushgod. I didn’t notice any criticisms, but this album received 2 flushes. What held it back?

    • Flushgod Apocalypse

      I should have went into more detail on the songs that I did not include in the review, as they were a bit redundant and stale compared to the other tracks on the album. I originally had this as a 1/5 flush album, but on my third listen (in hopes of something else catching my ear), the songs that I did not write about still did nothing for me — this led to me making it a 2/5.

      • W.

        Ah. Thanks for the reply!

        • Flushgod Apocalypse

          No problem. Thanks for questioning! This is my first album review and I’d like to know the flaws people see and if people are/aren’t digging it.

          • W.

            I liked the review!

      • Christian Molenaar

        So it’s really more of a 1.5 flusher?

        • Flushgod Apocalypse

          1.5 is definitely more accurate, but I wasn’t sure if we were doing half-point increments — although now I see where the Chelsea Grin review was 4.5/5. If the editor would like to change it to 1.5 for future flushers to see, I’m okay with that.

          • Up to you on this one. BTW, making graphics for flush ratings this week.

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            I think my water bill is gonna be real high this month, as I’ve been flushing the toilet repeatedly from all this hype. HAIL THE PORCELAIN GODDESS.

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        I think it would be a bit more entertaining if we kept the rating criteria inconsistent.

        • I kinda agree with you on that. Ultimately, numbers are worthless and everything is subjective. And it would be funny to see people get really mad about it.

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            Dude, totally.
            I’ve seen a couple people pitch you some different graphs to use, maybe if those just got assigned at whim?

  • I’ll admit. I took a peak at that song on Youtube when I saw that you were writing about it and I got pretty into it. I’m excited to listen to the rest. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Sponge Of Mystery

    he sounds a little like Devin Townsend in the chorus of this song, great song though

  • Beunhaas

    2 flushes is basically a 3 out of 5 right? this review is way too positive for that score. The review itself is well written though.

    • Flushgod Apocalypse

      See my response to W. This was my first writing venture in years, along with my first time reviewing an album. I’ve learned a lot from the experience; thanks for not beating me up too badly!

  • Sponge Of Mystery

    I woke up sad today but then I remembered Joe had made an awesome new blog for us common folk and that brightened my mood #ThrashFacts

  • Flushgod Apocalypse

    Here’s another fun one from the album:

    • Rizzle01

      It’s amazing how with all of the major chords they use in this song it still sounds so disturbing.

  • Mook Styfawker

    I remember checking these guys out a few years ago, probably because they toured with Mindless Self Indulgence or toured with a related band of MSI (I can’t remember). They weren’t too bad, but like you said in the article they had already called it quits so my interested level dropped to zero.

    Cool that they’re back together, and the music isn’t too bad either. Don’t quite like how the reverb, or whatever effect is on the vocals, in the chorus makes the guy sound like he’s talking loudly in a bathroom.

  • Plz do a review for a new Belphegor!!!!!!!!
    For the love of flush!

    • Christian Molenaar

      Write one and send it to Joe!

      • 11/10 Flushes. That album is unflushable !!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Thats all you need to know.

        • Christian Molenaar

          Joe, please publish this at once.

          • I need clarification! Is it flushable (10/10 flushes) or completely pristine (zero flushes)!

          • Christian Molenaar

            He said unflushable, so I think he means -1 flushes. It just comes right back out the toilet.

          • We really should publish it.

          • Christian Molenaar

            If he edits his comment to reflect his true rating we might as well just post a screenshot.

          • Ann Coulter’s Flaccid Penis

            Sounds like the Moby Dick of turds.

          • NO!

            IT’S 10/10!!!!


        • I think you mean -1/10 flushes.

        • CyberneticOrganism

          Unflushable = 0/5 flushes.

    • you should write up a band review of … Metallica!!!!!!!

      • Cool Guy Steve

        we will kill each other

  • I love DFD. I own every album (sans their rare first one “Erotic Massage”) and the Polkadot Cadaver albums. Got to see them about a month ago and they were fantastic.

  • Mother Shabubu III

    I could give a shit about this band, but I am so happy I have a new, better place to waste all of my time.

    The Third Coming of Shabubu. All over ya face.

    • W.

      Hail Shabubu and welcome.

    • Steve Smithwick

      Oh shit, Shabubu! I used to see your Carlin icon and smile happily just over that.

      It helps that your comments are informed and pleasant. Welcome!

  • ParallaxativeHyperStool

    OH HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I loved this band back in the day, loved loved loved them. I was sad as all hell when they broke up. My Twitter which I barely use is @DogFashionDisco so I found out they were touring again when people started tagging me thinking I was the band. Had no idea a new album was in the works and is here already. Must listen. Ah holy fucking fuckshit piss.

  • Speaking of Polkadot Cadaver, their last one was kind of slept on wasn’t it? I can’t really remember anybody really talking about it. I’ve still got it in regular rotation on my phone and am still digging it.

  • Poseur Diposeur

    I was a long time MetalSucks reader (not commenter, “lurker” is I think what nerds call it) who over the course of a couple of years became saddened by the decline of the articles into totally flushable lameness. I commend you guys for making this site and I am glad to support it. That being said, Dog Fashion Disco is one of my all time favorite bands and I had no idea they had a new album. Thank you as well for that

  • Drewcifer

    Gurgleroar! I fucking love Dog Fashion, I’ve gotta pilfer this from somewhere stat.

  • crazytaco_12

    I didn’t even know this band got back together?! I’ve always liked them to an extent, but some of the vocal stuff turned me off; sounded too much like Marilyn Manson to me in parts. Either way, glad to see they’re back

  • Johnny Crunch

    I enjoy this album