CRUEL HAND: New Song, New Video, New Album


Portland Hardcore heavyweights Cruel Hand are coming out guns blazing for their new record, The Negatives. Watch/listen to the first song from the new record below:

I’m not quite sure what to make of this one. The last two Cruel Hand albums of were filled to the brim with catchy, riff-heavy RIDETHELIGHTNINGCORE tunes. The latest song seems a little… standard. Compare/contrast the video above with this tune from their excellent 2008 release Prying Eyes.


Whatchoothink? Am I wrong? Probably! Lemme know below.

The Negatives is out September 23rd. Preorder it here.

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  • Tyree

    This seems like it would be a great high energy live show. I’d be standing in the back since there will probably be a beverage involved man.

    Joe do you like the band Baptists by chance?

  • Howard Dean

    Has anyone taken a step back yet, looked everything over, thought about it, and realized just how awesome this website is?
    I just did. Goddamn. Not even two weeks old yet. Amazing. Kudos to all of your for making such an awesome metal-related blog.
    [wipes away tears]
    [blows nose]
    [breathes deeply]

    • #1 best thing to ever happen on the internet!!!

    • i think i just visited MS for the last time, just now. Axl “joked” about the lead vocalist of Duran Duran committing suicide after hearing Asking Alexandria and Jonathan Davis covering one of their songs. and the only funny comment was left by our good friend TrickleDownTacoRiff, but we get to see him in the toilet as much as we want to!!

      • Ann Coulter’s Flaccid Penis

        Their articles are so boring and irrelevant, the only reason to go there was the comments, and now we’ve got embedding, better articles, and amazing people here!

      • Between The Buried & Smee

        The website now has so many people who started accounts just to defend Babymetal.


          and people who started accounts to shit on babymetal like babymetalforever. I have been over there egging him on.hahhahah

          • Between The Buried & Smee

            There are aton of new troll accounts nowadays.


        I have 2 sins to confess today. I have been on MS egging on our old friend hester , babymetal guy and a new upstart calling himself M. Shadows. It is some kind of fun while it lasts.
        My second sin : i heard kiss heavens on fire & lick it up on sirius xm today and enjoyed both songs.

        • Cock of Steele

          Dude, I remember hearing Heaven’s on Fire for the first time. I liked that song.

        • duran duran is excellent. KISS i could potentially get into, but i can’t stand how every song has the chorus repeating towards the end without the guitars, to get the audience chanting
          “lick it up”
          “party every day”

        • KISS ain’t no sin, brotha!

      • Cock of Steele

        The comments have kinda gone downhill there as well.

  • Paris Hilton

    The Cruel Hand album art is very #softgrunge

  • A few of my hardcore punk friends got me into Prying Eyes a number of years ago, and I agree that this new song isn’t up to par with that release. Then again, hardcore is not my strong suit.

    • Howard Dean

      It’s definitely not my strong suit, either. I should really try my hand at hardcore a little more. I only listen to it occasionally. I put on some Harm’s Way or Xibalba when I’m preparing to break shit and fight cops.

      • Those two bands make me want to do bad shit constantly.

      • Ann Coulter’s Flaccid Penis

        Maybe check these dudes out? It seems like they’re ALWAYS playing shows here in KC. I enjoy their stuff, different from the normal themes found in hardcore.

  • Thanks for indulging my hardcore coverage, btw. Today has been very stressful/cerebral and I think we need a breakdown.

    • What about a recurring breakdown post where people post their favorites? I realize it’s not the most original idea but I think it’d be fun.

  • Gurp

    I thought ‘too calloused to fap’ when I saw ‘cruel hand.’

  • Never heard these guys ’til now…sounds really decent.

    • crazytaco_12

      They ain’t no Chickenfoot


    I CONAN, on this day of 23/07/2014 am now officially arching AXL Venture Bros style. This is me. Second picture is axl.


      I know ironically the before and after pic is of the same character. But it looked too much like axl to pass up.