Costin Chioreanu Releases New Album to Benefit Survivors of Club Colectiv Tragedy


On October 30th, The Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest, Romania caught fire during a concert for the band Goodbye to Gravity. Sadly 55 people were killed, making this one of the deadliest events in recent Romanian history. Our hearts go out to the survivors and mourners. Costin Chioreanu, renowned artist and musician, is trying to do something to help those whose lives were devastated by this event.

From Chioreanu’s blog:

It’s been almost two weeks now, since the tragedy which killed and critically hospitalised many friends, clients, collaborators people I knew.At this moment… there are 50 dead people while many others are in hospitals in critical condition and sadly, that number of dead people is rising daily…so by the time you read this, some information may already be out of date.

I decided to help these people, as are all close to my heart, on all possible channels, so, because I received so much international support I decided to release this compilation, entitled “The Quest For A Morning Star”. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to help with medical bills and funeral expenses of those who have been affected by the fire.

I want to thank all the great musicians who have taken part in these soundtracks Rune Eriksen, David Tibet, Attila Csihar, Mirai Kawashima, Kimmo Helen, Adrei Ionut and Tudor Diaconescu – for their immediate response and support in making this compilation possible and available for fundraising. The love and support that’s out there in the international metal scene is unbelievable. I want to thank everybody who has helped out, from the bottom of my heart. As for the music, I started to create this music back in 2011, for a personal project, not directly related to metal music/artwork. When working on this type of project, I like to include the audible space as well as the visual in my work. So, all this music is extremely personal to me, and many of these soundtracks have never been released before. The spirituality of the works makes it feel quite natural for them to be released for a humanitarian purpose like this.

SHORT STORY OF EVENTS : On October 30, local band, Goodbye to Gravity were celebrating the release of their second album at the nightclub when the tragedy occurred. The fire has already claimed the lives of 50 victims, but that number is rising daily, with more than one hundred further people in hospital, many in critical conditions. In a tight knit rock/metal community the shockwaves have been massive; musicians, fans, photographers, engineers, security have all become victims of this terrible tragedy.

It’s terrible that there is so much sorrow and pain in this world. I greatly admire Chioreanu’s abilities and compassion. If possible, please consider supporting the relief process by purchasing The Quest for a Morning Star.

The music is billed as an hour of avant-garde dark music, and it certainly lives up that description. Each track is a mournful eulogy to those lost, a commiseration where spirit meets arts. These tracks drip with atmosphere and sorrow, lamenting those lost and honoring their memory. Yet, there is a glint of hope to the entire affair. The Morning Star is the hope that all things will one day be made new and perfect in a world without tears, and that hope shines through the permeating layers of dense fog to add subtle shimmers to each track. It is the sound of seeing a sunrise for the first time after losing a deeply loved friend.

If you can, please support the relief process for those affected by the tragedy by purchasing the album here. As with all Bandcamp releases, you can pay more if you desire. The ToH community stands in solidarity with Bucharest.

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  • Eliza

    I’m not sure how to feel about the tragedy that happened at Colectiv. One one hand, the death of so many people is a horrible thing, but on the other hand, it started a change here in Romania. If that change is for the better of the worse, only time will tell. But something needed to happen in this country to at least attempt to put a stop to the massive corruption going on, so it may eventually turn out to be a good thing in the end.

    • Vote for Jeb

      Could you expand on this a little more?

      • Eliza

        After what happened at Colectiv, people started protesting in Bucharest and several other cities, saying they want a change for the better and new people in the government. At first, I thought the people were taking things too far and the ones who protested didn’t know exactly what they wanted and were wasting their time. A little later, the former prime minister resigned. While I didn’t think it was a good thing, I realised that there is some power in the people’s hands. Recently, a new prime minister was chosen and a new government was formed. Right now, there’s no way anybody could tell whether they will right for Romania or not. One thing is certain though: with the arrival of new people in power, the chances of positive change rise.

        • Vote for Jeb

          Thanks so much for sharing. I hope the best for your country.

          • Eliza

            Me too. 🙂

        • Didn’t knew about this. Thanks for sharing this, Eliza.

          • Eliza

            The more you know, right?

        • I always like hearing about things like this. Hopefully the new leadership is up to the task of representing their citizens.

  • Dagon

    Sorrow and pain never stops, worldwide.

    The best we can do is try to ease those around us. Which is not always easy.

  • A Chili Dog In Each Nostril

    Good cause, and for a tragedy that seemed to really go under the radar. Blabbermouth was the only one that seemed to mention it.


    Sad times round the terlet lately


    ~6:45a…You were driving a white Dodge Durango on south bound I-75 at Wagner Ford. You were wearing a pair of dark sun glasses (even though the sun was not out). It all screamed “I Am A Soccer Mom, Suburbia Rules”. Alas, I thought you to be just like the other sheep out doing their bidding for the day…until I noticed trill Cannibal Corpse and Necrophagist stickers on the back of your vehicle. Can this be love?

    Dare I say it was?



  • 365chaosriddendays

    Indeed, let’s not forget that pain, hate, madness are everywhere around the world. Right after the tragedy, Daniel N. decided EYE OF SOLITUDE would release
    a digital single to raise funds for the families of the ones who sadly
    perished in this tragic event:

  • Music is a celebration of the mysteries of life. Music is a raw energy that can conjure anything that we can or want to spell. Music is magic.

    What struck me of these tragedies is that both happened on live settings. I remember that a couple of artist I follow were spoken on this Romanian tragedy and they were very vocal about the warning on the fireworks using on reduced space. Since we cannot bring physically once again the decease people, we just hope that we take a higher conscience in the live shows on mostly every part of the world.

  • tertius_decimus