Check Out the New Starkill Song: Breaking the Madness


Chicago, IL band Starkill just announced they’re gonna be dropping a new album titled Virus of the Mind via Century Media Records on October 14.  Along with the announcement comes a new song.  Check it out!

I, Jack Bauer, am aware that this isn’t tech death but I just absolutely love this band.  As you may have noticed, I’m a sucker for great guitar work and Starkill deliver.  They have some incredible solos on their debut and I can’t wait to hear more on Virus of the Mind.  Their first album Fires of Life is still in constant rotation on my playlist.  I may be a bit biased seeing as they are a local band but they are still really, really damn good.  Lastly, I have heard people say that Starkill is some silly folk band…..   WRONG, ERROR, INCORRECT MOTHERFUCKER, these guys fucking rip.  I’ll leave ya with a stream of their first album:

Check them out on their facebook here.

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  • Negrodamus

    Pressing play on this now.

  • God

    Aaaaaand now I have a holy boner.

    • Captain Ron Rico

      Tell me about it boss, I just gone full sail as well.

      • TrickleDownTacoRiff

        U had me at Captn Ron..loved that movie bruh.

  • Randall Thor


  • Scrimm

    Wow, you weren’t lying, this does rip. Looking forward to October now.

  • uhhh…YES PLEASE.

  • RustyShackleford

    RIFFS! Yep!

  • Xan

    I love the instrumentation. My complaint about their last album still holds true to this album for me. The vocals are ultimate weak sauce. I can barely hear them. I don’t know whether the dude has a decent death growl or not because it is hidden behind everything else.

  • Jack Bauer… not bad, man!

    Bet you weren’t expecting that.

    • I had no clue they were even writing new stuff so when I saw this announcement yesterday my excitement went through the roof haha.

      • I’m fistpumping but they need a new vocalist.

        • Yea vocals are a bit drowned out

        • Xan

          You summed up my paragraph below in a sentence.

          • I’m too lazy to type anything well thought out, my friend. Unless it’s about Mortal Kombat…

  • Did the second vid stop working or is my phone just being a bitch?


    sexy girl on toilet of the day


      I’ve been waiting all day !!!

    • KJM

      It’s like my toilet is tearing ass around the bathroom, yet remaining perfectly still.

    • Kevin Nash and Friends

      The flame toilet is awesome. Sid Vicious has one of those in his house.

    • I’m seeing a lack of nudity here.


        might be able to slip this by.

        • 7/10


            if i go too far joe will take it off ( no offense to joe)

          • I know lol, I’m just fuckin with ya. I actually didn’t expect even that picture.

  • A Feed From Cloud Mountain

    Is that…Brock Sampson?

  • Renan Ribeiro

    I have a stiffy

  • The Satan ov Hell

    I just grew four more horns

    • CyberneticOrganism

      Grow another four, just because you can.


    really digging the power/blackened/tech feel of this new track. I listened to the previous album after this and these guys sure are moving in the right direction. Can’t wait to hear the whole album. If the rest can hold up with this track I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this album will please a wide variety of ears and become a strong AOTY contender.

    • If not, it will definitely be a sleeper hit.