Short Horror Films

  • N.K.V.D. Haunts the Blair Witch

    Over the weekend, Leif Bearikson and I held each other like frightened children faced terror together and checked out the new Blair Witch film. Perhaps unsurprisingly, at one point in the film, a black metal song, one of only three non-atmospheric tracks used in the sound design for the movie, is used to set a tone of fear and desolation as the intrepid protagonists make their journey into the dark heart of the wilderness. Oddly, though, the song chosen was not one of a distinctly sylvan variety. No, the bleak, gothic decay of eminent French industrial black metal musician Loic F. was chosen as the weirdly disconcerting score for a particularly Hawthornian romp in the woods.

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    September 26, 2016 • New Stuff, Short Horror Films • Views: 998

  • Mystery Horror Theater: The Holidays

    For many of us, there is no scarier time of the year than the holidays. The thought of embracing distant family members, traveling long distances, or, heaven forbid, extending good will to other humans is just too terrifying to bear. Thankfully, this existential fear created by the Christmas season is ripe for the horror short treatment, so in today’s edition I’ve collected three shorts that will make you never want to open presents again. What? It’s almost April? Look man, I just needed a theme to fit this first video, and the holidays seem as good of one as any to remind you of what horror lurks around every turn of the calendar. So grab your sharpened candy cane and just go with it, will ya ?

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    March 30, 2016 • Short Horror Films • Views: 1086

  • Mystery Horror Theater: Welcome Home

    It’s 2016. The old year is dead and gone, and new horrors lurk in the coming months. Let my pal Leif Bearikson and I be your guides to the terror that awaits you. This is Mystery Horror Theater.

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    March 8, 2016 • Not Metal, Short Horror Films • Views: 962

  • Mystery Horror Theater, Episode VII

    Prepare your butts for tiny little chops of horror. It’s Mystery Horror Theater.

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    November 6, 2015 • Not Metal, Short Horror Films • Views: 905

  • Mystery Horror Theater with Leif and Dubs: Episode VI

    Welcome back to our dankly darkly lit theater of terror, where all of your worst nightmares come true, or something, maybe. Your friendly neighborhood Stockhausen is guesting on this edition with a slight variation on the usual Mystery Horror format. These shorts aren’t categorically what you might call horror, but I made a point to seek out short films that are bizarrely unsettling in a different way. “Perfidy!” you cry. “This close to Halloween, and we must endure something other than true horror?!” “Keep it down!” your mother responds from upstairs. “And get off of that weird website!” Continue Reading

    October 26, 2015 • Nerd Shit, Not Metal, Short Horror Films • Views: 814

  • Mystery Horror Theater with Leif and Dubs Episode IV: A New Hope

    It has been a hot minute since myself or Dubya has tried to scare the piss out of everyone with spooky tales and gore galore. The good news? You should have had plenty of time to get your soiled pants clean from the last time. As always, I believe I’m got some jarring, scarring, and downright memorable tales for you. Friends, welcome once more to the Mystery Horror Theater. Continue Reading

    August 31, 2015 • Not Metal, Short Horror Films • Views: 1068

  • Mystery Horror Theater with Leif and Dubs, Ep. III

    For this week’s edition of Mystery Horror Theater, I’ve collected three award-winning horror shorts of varying lengths. Each of the three films is vastly different from the last, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy. I hope you have your security blanket, because we’re about to get spooked.

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    August 5, 2015 • Not Metal, Short Horror Films • Views: 882

  • Mystery Horror Theater with Leify Dubs, Ep. II

    Our beloved former President has handed me, the OTHER bear that writes for this site, the reins for this installment of Mystery Horror Theater, and boy do I have some treats for you. Wow, that sounded like something a guy in a white van would say. Uh, anyway…ONWARD!

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    July 23, 2015 • Short Horror Films • Views: 1083

  • Mystery Horror Theater with Leif and W., Ep. I

    Do you have your popcorn? 3D glasses? Catheter and piss bottle? Good, because it’s time to screen some short horror films with best spooky buds Leif Bearikson and W.

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    July 8, 2015 • Not Metal, Short Horror Films • Views: 1485