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  • Toilet Radio talks Saṃsāra with JUNIUS

    In this cracking new episode of Toilet Radio, your boys are chopping it up with Joseph E. Martinez of the brilliant long-running post-metal project Junius. Join us as Joseph spares no detail on the intricate concepts behind his heady concept records, the difficulties of touring too much, and escaping the Saṃsāra cycle. We’re also talking about Grammys, the worst song in metal tournament, and the state of protest in America. Turn your brain on and get ready to rock.

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    February 20, 2017 • Interviews, Radio Free Toilet • Views: 890

  • Toilet Radio plays Dream Theater’s THE ASTONISHING GAME

    On this very special not-at-all-a-podcast edition of Toilet Radio, Joe and 365 play through the new game from Dream Theater, The Astonishing Game. Watch the video as Joe, an actual idiot, tries his best to figure out how to play this fucking game without reading a word of the tutorial and 365 provides the crucial backstory that makes the world of The Astonishing so, uh, astonishing.


    February 13, 2017 • Nerd Shit, Radio Free Toilet • Views: 880

  • Toilet Radio gets brutal with CHRIS BARNES

    We’re joined on this episode by legendary death metal frontman Chris Barnes! The former Cannibal Corpse vocalist told us all about conspiracy theories, dank weed, and his latest Six Feet Under album. If that’s not enough show for you, our good friend Brenocide dropped by to discuss the latest Wintersun album, Phil Labonte’s Twitter beef, and the Super Bowl. We do it all because we love you. Enjoy the show!

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    February 6, 2017 • Interviews, Radio Free Toilet • Views: 11008

  • Toilet Radio gets Proggy with THE MANTLE

    On this very special episode of Toilet Radio we’re shredding along with Max Gorelick and Jake Miller of The Mantle! Join us as we discuss the perks of being Kenny G’s son, getting custom cloaks for Imperial Triumphant, brutal death metal, Dream Theater, growing up on the mean streets of Malibu, and unintentionally getting Steve Lukather in trouble at NAMM. This episode is required listening!

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    January 30, 2017 • Interviews, Radio Free Toilet • Views: 1312

  • Toilet Radio with HOUR OF PENANCE

    In this thrilling episode of the Toilet ov Hell Radio Show, Joe and 365 chat up Paolo Pieri, guitarist and vocalist in Italian death metal band Hour of Penance! Join us as we talk with him about Pizza Hut, the death of religion in the world, and the reason why it’s so difficult for international bands to get visas to tour the United States. Other topics on this show include libertarian rap-metal, the dumbest piece of Emmure merch yet, and a long discussion on perhaps the worst Troma movie ever made, Rock n’ Roll Space Patrol. This show is one spicy meatball!

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    January 23, 2017 • Interviews, Radio Free Toilet • Views: 926

  • Toilet Radio with CANDIRIA and PSALM ZERO

    On this action-packed episode of Toilet Radio, you get a DOUBLE SHOT (pkew pkew!) of interviews with siqqq artists! Join us for an inspirational conversation as we talk hardcore, van accidents, and music industry screw jobs with Carley Coma from NYC heavyweights Candiria! And if that wasn’t enough show for you, we’re talkin’ orchestral music, the alt-right, and vans with sweet paint jobs with Charlie from Psalm Zero! As the Italians say, “this-a show is a spicy meat-a-ball-a!”

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    January 16, 2017 • Interviews, Radio Free Toilet • Views: 700

  • Toilet Radio: Talkin’ Slime with Matt from SLUGDGE

    Matt from slug-and-riff-obsessed death metal band Slugdge joins us on this episode of Toilet Radio! We’re talking about smart doggos, packing CDs in slime, parasites, how wolves aren’t even all that badass tbh, silly song titles, proper metal attire, nazi metalheads, Brexit, and metal across the globe. If that isn’t enough for you, 365 and I also delve into the most horrific film we’ve ever seen, Last Ounce of Courage. You’ll never be the same again.

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    January 9, 2017 • Interviews, Radio Free Toilet • Views: 1404


    Are you ready to start season two of Toilet Radio with this first episode of 2017? Well fuckin’ get ready. Strap yourself in for a wild ride as we cover every single worthwhile topic in a single hour. Highlights: We discuss Vektor losing 3/4 of the band, predict everything that will happen in the world of metal this year, discuss our failed 2016 resolutions and figure out new ones for 2017. We also plan out every great piece of content Toilet ov Hell will run over the next calendar year, talk about Steven Seagall‘s Asian Experience, learn about a nü-metal festival, attempt to book Orgy on the show, attend a ska show, and interview Bruce Lamont‘s saxophone because his owner was too cool to talk to us. It’s a good show!

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    January 2, 2017 • Radio Free Toilet • Views: 650

  • BONUS Toilet Radio: Talkin’ #Pizzagate with AXESLASHER

    On this very special BONUS episode of Toilet Radio, Joe gets to the bottom of everyone’s favorite new conspiracy theory, #pizzagate. Join for a great interview with Axeslasher, a California-based death metal band that somehow got implicated in all of the nonsense about pizza restaurants and child sex rings. Do your best unhinged Alex Jones impression as we dive into John Podesta, death metal, and Pizzagate!

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    December 27, 2016 • Interviews, Radio Free Toilet • Views: 1473

  • Toilet Radio: THE XMAS SPECIAL

    On this very special holiday edition of Toilet Radio, Joe and 365 give each other awesome Xmas gifts, discuss the film Knights of Badassdom, congratulate Trey Azagthoth for having the sweetest mom on Earth, and pat themselves on the back for their amazing clairvoyance skills. Sorry Metal Hammer.

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    December 26, 2016 • Radio Free Toilet • Views: 951