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  • Who is patient ZH000A27? Anu Bring’s new graphic novel gives us the answer!

    Can you hear it? That otherworldly melody seeping down through the walls of Zornheim Asylum for the Criminally Insane? That damnable waltz is the cursed music of patient ZH000A27. Who is he, and how did he get here? Come, sit by the fire, and steel your resolve, for you’re about to step into a tale beyond imagination.

    Last fall, Swedish symphonic metal act Zornheym introduced the world to patient ZH000A27, a dangerous lunatic whose insane music flooded the ghastly halls of Zornheim Asylum, with their music video for the song “The Opposed.” Although patient ZH000A27, and the asylum itself, provided little more than an entertaining backstory and somewhat novel setting for a music video upon release, Zornheym are now collaborating with illustrator Anu Bring to tell the tale of the deranged patient. Today, Toilet ov Hell gets the honor of unveiling the first few panels of Bring’s graphic novel.
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    February 21, 2017 • Nerd Shit, New Music Premier, New Stuff • Views: 718

  • Toilet Radio plays Dream Theater’s THE ASTONISHING GAME

    On this very special not-at-all-a-podcast edition of Toilet Radio, Joe and 365 play through the new game from Dream Theater, The Astonishing Game. Watch the video as Joe, an actual idiot, tries his best to figure out how to play this fucking game without reading a word of the tutorial and 365 provides the crucial backstory that makes the world of The Astonishing so, uh, astonishing.


    February 13, 2017 • Nerd Shit, Radio Free Toilet • Views: 880

  • Galactic Empire Make The Star Wars Soundtrack Heavy

    I’ve always loved film soundtracks. In action genres especially, a killer soundtrack can make a film that much more epic. What is Terminator 2 without that tribal beat and haunting melody? Or, if you like horror, Carpenter’s synth-laden creepiness from Halloween? Not only do soundtracks complete the cinematic qualities of our favorite films, but some of these songs can be downright catchy. Galactic Empire is a band that knows this well, and they’ve taken a collection of John Williams’ greatest hits from the Star Wars franchise and made them freakin’ HEAVY! Continue Reading

    February 9, 2017 • Metal, Nerd Shit • Views: 1953

  • Vegan Nazis have beef with Varg Vikernes

    Did you know vegan nazis are A Thing? I don’t mean vegans that are serious about veganism to the point of being figurative nazis, we all know at least one jerk that fits that description. I mean nazis that also happen to be vegan. Take my hand as we marvel at the depraved depths of mankind. I’ll be expecting a call from the Pulitzer committee for that headline.

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    February 8, 2017 • Nerd Shit • Views: 3286

  • Down into the Dungeon with Bear and Boss

    Come, weary traveler, join us as we spin tales of moutains high and dungeons deep!

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    February 2, 2017 • Nerd Shit, Reviews • Views: 727

  • Sir Mailmanbro, The Prompt

    Yes, yes, I know I am very late. Luckily for us, the mighty and merciless Sir Mailmanbro was not.
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    January 27, 2017 • Nerd Shit, Open Swim • Views: 848

  • Taking Samples from Space with Vinnum Sabbathi

    Space-themed metal is nothing new, but as I found, there are still a lot of new ways to explore it.

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    January 27, 2017 • Nerd Shit, New Stuff • Views: 1872

  • Challenging Myself with MASTER BOOT RECORD

    I’m not a fan of New Years Resolutions per se, but I typically greet January with some sense of optimism, even if deep down in my cynical core I know that it’s bullshit. This year, although I didn’t make a specific resolution, I made a small promise to challenge myself a little more. This isn’t the “New Year, NEW ME,” nonsense. I don’t want to change myself; I want to challenge myself. Continue Reading

    January 25, 2017 • Metal, Nerd Shit • Views: 1280

  • Your Favourite Album Covers Are Back…In GIF Form (Part 2)

    Instead of incessantly arguing about the pronunciation, marvel at these awesome animated album covers.

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    January 20, 2017 • Metal, Nerd Shit, Nostalgia Boners • Views: 1004

  • Gholas Via Dune Messiah

    After years of putting it off, I finally succame to the will of TovH Power User and all-around rad dude Max; in mid-2016, I began my exploration of the desert world of Arrakis with the Dune series. Thankfully for me, Max is a man of quality and virtue, and his recommendation did not fall flat. In fact, I’d consider Dune one of the best works of fiction I’ve ever encountered. Hungry for more tales of the Fremen and their spartan lifestyle, I voraciously devoured Dune‘s sequel Dune Messiah at the end of the year. Curious to explore Frank Herbert’s universe through other media, I went on my own pilgrimage to discover metal bands that have tackled the heady conceptual world of Dune. There, at the foot of Alia’s Nave, I discovered Gholas.

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    January 18, 2017 • Metal, Nerd Shit • Views: 1109