• Congratulations Ma’am, it’s a Yob (live review)!

    Yob and friends keep the brown note alive in Seattle. PNW bangers unite! Continue Reading

    August 26, 2014 • Metal, Reviews • Views: 1665

  • Another new Falls of Rauros track, “Waxen Voices”!

    If you missed our recent post that covered a brand new track from Falls of Rauros, EDUCATE YO SELF. We got another new one here, and this upcoming album is looking better and better. Continue Reading

    August 26, 2014 • Metal, New Stuff • Views: 1022

  • Rho Stone’s Audiovisual Adventures: Meshuggah – I Am Colossus

    Sorry for the absence. I’ve been busy in my jerb – gotta earn that beer money. I think I pushed a couple of your buttons last time by talking about Immortal, so now I’ll do the next most logical thing and compare them to Meshuggah.

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    August 25, 2014 • Metal, Nerd Shit, Reviews • Views: 1970

  • Whiff o’ the Week

    Greetings and welcome, flushers, to the newest weekly feature here in the toilet, Whiff o’ the Week. While the Masterlord affords you the opportunity to revel in your Saturday exuberance, rejoicing in completing another grueling work week and indulging in the mightiest of riffs, by the time Sunday rolls around, your ebullience has already faltered as the dread of the new week rears its stinky head. You’re looking back on the mistakes and wondering, “By Odin’s Raven, what was I thinking?” As an audible extension of that rank fear and regret, the new Whiff o’ the Week is here to collect the worst riffs of the week. What is that one stinker in an otherwise flawless back-catalogue? What band will never smell like roses to you? What’s your Whiff o’ the Week?

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    August 24, 2014 • Metal, Opinion • Views: 1415

  • Simon Sez: Listen to Suppressive Fire

    Greetings, fellow flushers. I am known as Simon Phoenix; mercenary, criminal mastermind, and all around fucking badass. When I’m not killing people indiscriminately or thinking of ways to fuck with my eternal nemesis John Spartan, I am perusing the interwebs for some of my primary music of choice: metal. Continue Reading

    August 22, 2014 • Metal, New Stuff • Views: 1737

  • The Legend of Metal: A Link to the Blastbeats

    Hey you nerds. Occam’s Razor Ramon and I are just betting you like video game inspired metal. Know how we know? Because we like video games and you us are we us, so 69, dudes! But seriously, we’ve had a lot of fun rounding up video game related metal, so here’s another heapin’ helpin’ to hold you over.

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    August 22, 2014 • Metal, Nerd Shit, Video Games • Views: 2307

  • Crate Diggin’: Vulgaari’s Vulgaari

    When a person thinks of Minnesota, they think of Prince (the artist formerly known as a.k.a. The Symbol), Paul Bunyan, Fargo, people with funny accents, “Minnesota nice” (being an asshole just as nicely as possible), Rhymesayers Entertainment, and the Mall of America (which receives the most visitors annually of any mall in the world. Yes, the world.) You’re probably not hip to Minnesota’s metal scene unless you A) live here (sup Hessian Stunter), B) are well researched, or C) have had me ramble at you online with some of my recommendations (sup guise). The long, frigid, bleak, tr00 winters may have something to do with metal’s popularity here. Those who aren’t into skiing, snowboarding, or chasing snow bunnies with a cup of hot apple cider in hand need a way to pass the time up here all winter (nightmare) long.
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  • Flushcore Friday — ARROGATED

    Your two favorite/most hated world leaders have usurped Flush Friday during the temporary absence of the cat with the fat. Continue Reading

    August 22, 2014 • Metal • Views: 3105

  • Review: ShadowStrike’s Infinite Power Suggests Infinite Potential

    It’s been a very good year for USPM (US Power Metal for the unread plebeian). If nothing else, you could chalk that victory up to Noble Beast’s killer debut back in March. I put that thing on perpetual repeat for the following four months and made very little room for anything else. I regret that for one reason, and one reason only — now I’m late to the ShadowStrike party and all the fucking hats are taken. Continue Reading

    August 21, 2014 • Metal, Nerd Shit, New Stuff, Reviews, Video Games • Views: 1531

  • Dream Theater and Symphony X: Separated at Birth?

    Cain and Abel. Romulus and Remus. Guy Fieri and Sammy Hagar.

    Should Michael Romeo and John Petrucci be listed among these great twins? I think so, and here’s why.

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    August 21, 2014 • Metal • Views: 2668