• Doomthousandseventeen: Gravestone Gardens pt.1

    For all your depressive and prog rockin’ (?) needs. FFO: Shape of Despair, Cross Vault, Throes of Dawn Continue Reading

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  • SRiHKAL 2016 – Short Releases I Have Known And Loved (Part One)

    Around this time last year I ran a four-part series highlighting some of my favourite short releases that I found particularly intoxicating throughout 2015. The format was loosely based on the chemical cookbooks of Alexander Shulgin (TiHKAL & PiHKAL), because in the modern age dominated by the imposition of neo-conservatism, draconian drug laws mean the only legal way to experiment with anything fresh is through music. Thankfully the past 12 months saw another veritable glut of EPs, demos, splits and the like pulse through my bloodstream, often altering my consciousness in an inexplicable manner. As I’m sure you’ve already got on board with many of the more well-known short releases from the likes of Dead Congregation, Gorguts, Deathspell Omega, etc. I’m going to cover some of the bands that I think deserve some (more) coverage. As always, adjust your dose based on your age, weight, tolerance, and fingernail length.

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  • Parents: It’s Time to Talk to Your Kids About Fleurety

    Through the blackest magic of biology, your loins have brought unto this plane of existence the pestilence of living, breathing, shitting children. And although you despise these little sociopaths so deeply that you can hardly bear to look at them and must drink yourself into an analgesic stupor nightly in order to go on living with what you’ve made, you are legally bound to serve and to protect them from harm. So, it falls to you to talk to your kids about the newest scourge of the streets: Fleurety. Do it before some shady pusher with scum for a soul does.

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  • Firewind – Ode To Leonidas: A Video Breakdown

    THIS…IS…CHEESY! Continue Reading

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  • Sunday Sesh: Let’s Just Watch Glitch

    We’re a week into 2017, and you know what that means. Your resolution to not sit around like a giant slob watching Netflix all day has been abandoned for a solid three to four days. Allow me to enable you by suggesting the highly addictive series Glitch.

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  • Merch Stains: Merry Merchmas

    Be happy that you didn’t get any of these for the holidays. Continue Reading

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  • Woodcut Records Remasters Thyrane’s Black Harmony Demo

    2017 is upon us: The year in which it was once prophesied that the demo recording by your favorite Finnish slightly symphonic black metal band, Thyrane, would return to Earth to cleanse the righteous and lead the wicked to Sodom Eternal. Continue Reading

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  • I Interviewed Dragonforce In The Smallest Venue They’ve Played In Years

    Saint Vitus Bar is a special place, and seeing a band as big as Dragonforce in a 200 cap room like that one is a unique experience. Preceding a set that saw the band cover both Journey AND Hall & Oates, the band’s iconic guitarist Herman Li was kind enough to sit down with me and answer every question that a teenage guitar nerd Matt Bacon had always wanted to ask. The next couple of pages are pretty much that, a stoked kid freaking out over the magic of one of his boyhood heroes and talking about their passions. Please don’t judge me. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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  • Voidcraeft Plays by the Rules on New Record

    For the last several years, the man behind the mysterious black metal act Voidcraeft has been dutifully toiling like a reclusive cenobite to craft some of the most otherworldly and inspired extreme metal around. Drawing equally from the pools of classic second wave black metal like Paysage d’Hiver as well as the gonzo stylings of xenharmonic alchemists like Jute Gyte, Voidcraeft has been writing angular, discordant black metal at an unrelenting pace. I’ve been meaning to cover Voidcraeft for quite some time now, but it almost seems that he drops a new record just as I’ve wrapped my mind around the previous album. Most fascinating, though, is the way the multi-instrumentalist documents his own process of creation. On new EP Dogma, Voidcraeft gave himself an even more daunting challenge: create and abide by formalized rules of creation.

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  • Digging Into The Past With Ghoul’s Digestor

    Ghoul is a band that understands the magic and sheer stupidity of heavy metal. They dress up, have crazy back stories, and they sell us on their brand of violent nonsense time and time again. Their music has only gotten better with recent releases; most notably Dungeon Bastards is a veritable masterpiece, hell it even includes a copy of the bands own board game with the vinyl! Recently, Digestor answered anything and everything I threw at him, and Jesus Christ things got weird…

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