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Skid Row – Slave to the Grind (1991)

From the first time I heard “Youth Gone Wild” in the spring of 1989 I knew that Skid Row was going to be huge. Their self-titled debut, released early that year, would ultimately chart at number 6 on Billboard in the States and go on to move over five million units worldwide. It was one of the better/later entrants into that already-flourishing era of big-hair heavy metal that dominated the mid-to-late eighties. …and it did so with more airplay on MTV than most AOR radio stations.  Skid Row’s debut success was further ensured by a strong single entitled “18 and Life.” The video for that track is quite possibly the coolest video MTV ever aired.  Vince Neil later whined, as he is often wont to do, about how MTV rejected Mötley Crüe’s video for “You’re All I Need” even though the subject-matter was similar and Skid Row’s video featured graphic firearm violence (which is inarguably very Metal.)


Clockwise from top-left: Slave to the Grind album cover, bassist Rachel Bolan with his trademark nose-to-ear chain, and the CD you’d better already own or get right now.

While Skid Row’s eponymous debut would go on to be their most successful album, with its pretty ballad “I Remember You,” its successor would prove to be their magnum opus. Much ballsier than the 1989 album, Slave to the Grind clocks in at just under 50 minutes of metallic attitude and features three ballads…all of which stomp the guts out of the deeply touching love story of “I Remember You” on a Valentine’s Day, in public, and in broad daylight.  Sebastian Bach (who will forever be remembered for infamously firing a thrown bottle back at a “fan,” missing, and busting a girl’s face open) turned in one holy hell of a vocal performance on this outing. Every one of those not-as-pretty ballads feature some hair-raising scream-singing that should make nearly every power metal vocalist seethe with jealousy and possibly rethink their careers. (Eric Adams excluded.)

Skid Row – Quicksand Jesus  (Ed note: Thanks for disabling embedding Sony Music Entertainment!)

Though Bach isn’t the primary lyricist on either album, some of the lyrics may still come off as a little meat-headed to some. When Rolling Stone originally reviewed Slave to the Grind they actually took one star away for the track “Get the Fuck Out,” (which was replaced on the “clean” ie: Walmart version with “Beggars Day,”) In my opinion, there’s quite a bit of entertaining wordplay going on alongside the groupie-slamming of a typical cock-rock song. Not to worry because it all works very well for the material, its intended audience, and the music in general. (The lyrics are certainly far more intelligent than the stupidity that was found on N.W.A.’s Efil4zaggin released that same year…you can tell those Ice Cubeless sucka MCs wrote all those lyrics themselves.) Skid Row is not Queensrÿche and nobody needs any deep thinking whilst listening to crushing attitude-drenched anthems like “Riot Act” and the superb title track. There is no filler on this album at all.  Some tracks may stand out more than others (“Creepshow” doesn’t quite rise to the same level as much of the rest) but they are all at least great. The album as a whole should be listened to in its entirety…preferably with the volume jacked up as much as your neighbors will tolerate.

Skid Row – Slave to the Grind

Slave to the Grind is the first album I ever bought originally and only on CD so I can’t compare it to the vinyl record.  At over twenty minutes per side, I believe the CD would be the better addition to your music collection…no inner groove distortion on Compact Discs like most LPs with overly-long sides.  Any CD pressing should do. To my knowledge this album has blessedly never been brickwall-remastered for all of you current-gen ADD-dummies who prefer crushed dynamics so you can get an even  listening-experience from your feckin’ laptop speakers. Get your buried-drum white noise-mixed fix elsewhere because Slave to the Grind was mixed/mastered hot enough. If you can’t turn it up loud enough on your chosen equipment or device then you’re doing it wrong.

This album should be in EVERY professing metalhead’s library regardless of your preferred sub-genre. It’s now over twenty years old and it still destroys any and all “mainstream” metal being released today. It’s also far more convincingly “heavy” than most of the hundreds of thousands of all original death and core bands today (who seem to feature the exact same Cookie Monster vocalist.)

There will be no flushes for Slave to the Grind. I believe in my heart-of-hearts that this is also the will of our beloved and ever-elusive poster RiotAct666. (There’s a reason why The Master is know as Riot Act.) This album will now take its rightful place in the Unflushable Canon of JAG. It is above reproach and anyone who bears false witness against its greatness will be flushed down that most rancid piss-pot of the underworld a/k/a the Toilet Ov Hell.

Skid Row – Riot Act




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  • Xan

    I have not listened to this album but I shall do so when I return to my abode. Superb writing.

    • Negrodamus

      I have not listened to this album yet either. I know the JAG suffered through The Mother Of Virtues so I, too, will make it a point to check this shit out.

      • “Suffered through the mother of virtues” hmmmm?

        • Negrodamus

          Not his cup of tea. I think his exact words were, I would listen to it again but they don’t make OTC drugs strong enough for me to do so. Lol.

          • I figured. Still, my brain doesn’t like that combination of words.

          • SMOHLG

            Yeah, I think it’s great but I would probably never recommend someone to check it out

          • Negrodamus

            I would recommend it to people like us in a community like this! Lol.

          • SMOHLG

            Oh yeah, some you guys in here would be the exception. Poor JAG though, can’t hang with us kids.

          • I’m rapidly careening headlong into old-fartdom.

          • That was pretty much verbatim lol. It’s not terrible just not something I’d listen to unless I was in the right mood.

    • Ace Ventura


    • Thanks. Let me know what you think.

  • Before going through this post I’m pretty sure I had only ever heard “I Remember You”. That song is terrible. Riot Act, on the other hand, is a jam.

    • Negrodamus

      These dudes have a song called Riot Act??

      • It’s the last link in Jay’s post! (stupid Sony)

        • Negrodamus

          My brain just did that lightbulb over it thing.

          • Xan

            Have no fear, it happened to me too.

          • Negrodamus

            I made another even deeper connection after the obvs one!

          • Ace Ventura

            Which is?

      • Ace Ventura


    • Ryan Cowdy


    • Ace Ventura


      • ToH: Home of the greatest selection of novelty commenters on the internet.

        • Ace Ventura


        • SMOHLG

          It’s funny because when I first made an account there were none of these accounts and then God and The Devil showed up.

        • crazytaco_12

          TOH: The metal Cheers

          • Guest


    • Riot Act is fucking beast. That song is so heavy for a “hair metal” band.

  • Ok JAG will a young whippersnapper like myself be able to listen to this without vomiting?

    • Ace Ventura


    • I should hope so. Good metal belongs to no single decade 🙂

    • The Prophet Mohammed

      I love this fucking album. It’s way heavier than you’d expect. Fucking Pantera was the opener on the tour. This album is metal as fuck.

  • JAG, what are you feelings about Halestorm covering skid row? I want to see you put the rage into words.

    • Ace Ventura

      Scuze me. Your balls are showing.


      • Does that make you uncomfortable?

        • Ace Ventura


    • Ann Coulter’s Flaccid Penis

      Halestorm can fuck off and die. Back when I worked at an office supply store, two butchy, fat lesbos came in and spent approx. 2-3 hours watching Halestorm music videos on the laptops we sell to try and find the one with the best sound. Despite them being very nice, there’s only so much shitty music I can take before I start punching laptop screens and hatemoshing around the store.

    • I haven’t heard the cover. I think I’ve only heard one song by Halestorm IIRC. IDK how psychotic I’d get honestly haha.


        Taylor Momsen, CONAN’s queen has a far more powerful voice than hale does. She has a more pat benatar hard rock vibe than lzzy who is essentially very generic in presentation and vocal delivery. Plus she is lacking in the looks department. Of course when you are sleeping with someone, you can’t really say anything bad *taylor honey, i’ll be right back, i am doing some important shit here* Damn these 20 year olds are insatiable ! She hits the big two one on saturday so i better come up with a good gift.

        • Haha.

        • billnyhc

          your cock her mouth the greatest gift of all

        • Pierre Generic

          Also, Taylor’s a better songwriter that Lzzy(Seriously, that’s how she spells her name?). The Pretty Reckless have some catchy songs but most Halestorm’s song go in one ear and out the other for me. Plus Lzzy(God, I cringe every time I write that) is pushing the “bad-ass rock chick” image too hard. She wants to be the modern Joan Jett but if there was a bar brawl between the two, I’d put my money on Joan. Hell, I’d buy Pink as more of a bad ass.

  • Tyree

    I to have not heard all of this album. I look forward to listening to it now that I have read this. Awesome!

    JAG, I enjoyed reading the about you section at the bottom as well.

  • Ace Ventura


    • Mr. Bojangles

      Hello Ace,

      What is it that you want from us?

      -Mr. Bojangles

      • Ace Ventura




          this came to mind


            i don’t know if this is funny or not (but i laughed as i wrote it) i see this as axl sabotaging vince’s plane flight back to japan, and he plans for them both to die in an explosive fireball over the ocean. Axl has no reason to live after the collaspse of his blog.

      • Omg omg omg can we give him chloe?

  • Between The Buried & Smee

    Always liked this album. Pretty much everyone who hates Skid Row have never listened to Skid Row.

    • Pretty much everyone who hates Skid Row after hearing this album needs to evacuate my yard.


        Yea, first 2 albums are really non hair metal stone cold metal albums. If you played them for someone who never seen their videos or seen how bach acts like a fucking asshole everytine he is on camera they would have a very different take on the music.

        • I only listened to Subhuman Race once or twice. I bought it without hearing a note off of it first and hated it. Total letdown and an obvious insincere bid to stay relevant in the changing musical landscape of the time.


            I knew this guy who went to see kiss on the first reunion tour and nugent and SR opened , of course solinger was singing then and he must have had his hair died somewhat blonde. Because when i asked the guy how skid row were without bach he had no idea he had been replaced. i was surprised been then thought, you know, not everyone keeps up with metal like you and i would. When the bach split happened it was an earthshaking event in the metal community, but to the casual rock/metal fan they didn’t even know or frankly give a shit probably. Thats what allows kiss to continue with their sham. No one knows anymore. The true kiss army diehards are dying off figuratively and probably literally. The people that go to kiss shows now are families who probably dont own a kiss cd and havent since maybe dynasty in 79 ! They might have a couple of kiss 8 tracks in the basement collecting dust or an ancient copy of alive melting by the heat register. They don’t give a fuck about metal period, more power to em, puts money in sham kiss’s pocket. Fuck i think i was just possessed by eddie trunk there for a minute !

          • Johnny Crunch

            To this day, I still haven’t listened to that album and simply refuse to. Same goes for Gunners The Spaghetti Incident and Machine Heads Supercharger

          • I’ve heard a few tracks off the latter two but I wouldn’t cross the street to pick up a free copy of either as well.

          • Mr.CustodialArts

            I haven’t listened to SUBHUMAN RACE in ages, but I certainly don’t hate it…does this mean you have no love for ULTRAPHOBIC, either? Ha! My copy of BUST A NUT is somewhere…at least SR reminds me of Christopher Walken. Anyway, this old fuckhead enjoyed the piece, and is giggling at the thought of the young uns’ giving it a listen-for all of 30 seconds. 🙂

          • I’ve honestly never even heard Ultraphobic. …but yeah: I’m guessing some didn’t give it much of a chance haha. Oh well.

            Thanks for your kind words.

      • billnyhc

        hey jay I`ve been lurking around the scene and these board`s a long time. that shit is weak it was weak in 88 or 89 whenever it`s still weak now. you are one of the people on these threads who know`s what he is talking about show your self more respect you know your old school history skid row .was shit back then and nothing has changed in 3 decades. Respect brother

        • Music is like art: everyone sees the same painting but can walk away with very different perspectives, interpretations, and levels of appreciation.

          I don’t get mad if someone doesn’t like a band I do. It’s just music. Respect to you as well.

          • billnyhc

            i agree totally with you. everyone has their own definition of art. I`ve found you to be one of the people on these board`s who has a clue. there is not a whole lot of that going on here. it`s just nice to know there are like old like minded people like myself out there

    • Howard Dean

      I can’t listen to this album now without visualizing Sebastian Bach screaming “Whose ready to look at some fucking trains?!

    • Johnny Crunch

      Yep, just a buncha slack jawed bandwagon haters.

  • Thank you for this! One of my favorite albums ever! Even through all the grindy blast beats and death metal growls I submerse myself in these days, I still re-visit Slave To The Grind on a regular basis. I’m sad they kinda got lumped in with the hair metal bands that were popular around their time. They were so far beyond any other hair metal band from the same era. Great write-up!

    • Thanks a lot! I know a lot of people (then and now) who despise hair metal but love Skid Row. Even though I liked their first album it was admittedly typical cock rock. The Skids went way heavier on this one.


        I will go out on a limb, and i hear it cracking already, but great white up to and including once bitten were an awesome blues rock/metal band. Plus they did the best zeppelin covers. Jack blows away what page did with the black crowes. But black crowes were always rolling stone critical darlings and of course anything remotely metal was always shit in their eyes. And i hate to say it but robert and jimmy ALWAYS support the flavor of the month in interviews and the bands they take on tour. Anyways this is a superb covers album, one of the best i have ever heard by any band.

        • I loved Once Bitten. Owned it on cassette for years. “Save Your Love” is probably one of the best hair metal ballads ever. At leat top-twenty.


            My favorite ballad is krokus screaming in the night. In fact the first 4 krokus albums are among my favorites. I even got myself a headhunter shirt i am going to wear to my next show and see what happens !
            The last krokus album dirty dynamite is really good, its better than anything ac/dc has put out since FOTW. It has the old school ac/dc bon scott vibe.
            By the way do you remember that 5 track vhs ac/dc put out for fly on the wall. It had like 4 or 5 videos from the album and they were playing in a run down bar that falls down during shake your foundations. It had that really cheaply animated fly in it. I used to watch that for a good laugh. I like that album too though.

          • Screaming in the Night is indeed a great song. Love it.

        • Paul Will.I.Am.s

          I remember being fucking amazed at how well they channeled Zep in this, and wondering why Page didn’t work with him instead of Coverdale.

  • MoshOff

    Right on point, man. I had a cover band and one of the last songs we did was “The Threat”. This album is basically everything Appetite for Destruction should have been.

    • Funny you mentioned that. I remember when I first bought Loser Illusions parts one and two thinking “why couldn’t the new G’N’R be anywhere near as good as Slave to the Grind was?!”


        Sirius XM plays the shit out of appetite, on 2 channels , i see at least 3 appetite songs played per hour between the 2 channels. I have sirius on my computer so i can watch what is on all my favorite channels as i listen and turn them accordingly. The more i hear guns the more over-rated they become (la guns is another band that i can’t listen to ). I can listen to hallowed be thy name a thousand times, any sabbath, priest, dio a lot of hair bands, strangely not too much ozzy, i have come to the conclusion that the only really CLASSIC, I AM TALKING ORIGINAL 77 STAR WARS CLASSIC ozzy albums are blizzard & madman.

        • Diary of a Madman is a nearly flawless masterpiece. Ozzy always pushes his vocals way too loud in the mix and DoaM is no exception. But it’s still one of the best album’s ever.

          I hear Appetite songs all the time on the Spotify’s Heavy Metal station. Spotify seems to have a really loose definition of heavy metal because they’re always playing Boston, Foreigner, Kansas, etc. …but I don’t mind. It’s just background music when I’m listening like that.


            I have sirius in the car, so it was a couple of bucks to get it on the net. There is 3 metal channels, one is called ozzys boneyard – of course all things ozzy, dio , every sabbath lineup, metallica, priest , maiden, budgie, cream , hendrix, VH, diamond head, etc. Plus each channel has settings so i can choose rare tracks, hits, early 80’s , late 80’s, club acts, arena acts.
            hair nation – all the hair metal from shitty to good, i put the settings on club acts , no hits and get pretty much everything i like.
            Liquid metal – this is the shittiest channel – they even played king 810 on this daily countdown they have called the devils dozen. A lot of suicide silence and shit like that, stuff i don’t consider good at all. I set it for extra brutal early music & i get old school death metal going back to about 1999.
            Kansas, boston , foreigner falls under the area of classic rock , which has its own set of channels.
            When i am not listening to sirius i play my own cd’s.

          • Ayreonaut

            What kind of car does conan drive?



  • geddy

    The Germans are coming! The Germans are coming!

    KREATOR Pleasure To Kill – ’86’ not really late ’80’s’, but fuck it – this record KILLS! room trashing material!!!
    DeStRuCtIoN Infernal Overkill – ’85’ – again, not late ’80’s’ – oh well. This album is killer all the way through – side two is my favorite.

    • Achtung! I’ve already drafted a future installment that will include my favorite Kreator album.


    Well, I suppose now is a better time than any to check out Skid Row for the first time ever.

    • Ace Ventura

      Hey…thanks for the free parking

    • Give it a shot, dude. It’s never to late to revisit the better albums of the past.

  • Xan

    The state of Florida is bigger than England. #SnappleFacts

  • Anthrallica

    I remember seeing the video for “Monkey Business” and writing this album off as junk. Like a decade later my landlord played “Slave to the Grind” while we took bong hits and I completely changed my mind.
    Also, my HS science teacher’s name was Mr Sabo and he would get so mad when I tried to call him Snake.

    • Glad you came around…even if it took bong hits haha.

      • Anthrallica

        “I came for the weed, but stayed for the Skid Row…”

  • Further Down the Metal Hole

    Excellent post. My young and rebellious mouth has been shut up and I shall make my way over to the tube of you to check out said row of skids.

    • Thanks. This is metallic history and, as such, I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.


        Yea man, like i say the 80’s must be unearthed , it is like digging through an ancient civilization that crumbled over night burying sinners and saints alike.

  • Guppusmaximus

    Christ, man! That list would be way too long for me…but, I’ll try anyway:
    (In no particular order because I’m lazy as fuck)

    King Diamond – Them
    Atheist – Unquestionable Presence
    Mr. Bungle – S/T
    Defiance – Void Terra Firma
    Ironchrist – Getting The Most Out of Your Extinction
    Armored Saint – Symbol of Salvation
    Megadeth – Rust in Peace
    Slayer – South of Heaven
    Death – Spiritual Healing
    Obituary – Cause of Death
    Grave – Into the Grave
    Anthrax – State of Euphoria
    Helloween – Keeper… Pt.2
    Danzig – Lucifuge
    Toad the Wet Sprocket – Fear
    Prong – Beg to Differ
    Coroner – No More Color
    The Dolphins – Malayan Breeze
    Iron Maiden – 7th Son…
    Testament – The New Order
    Dream Theater – I&W
    Fates Warning – Perfect Symmetry
    WWIII – S/T
    Loudness – Soldier of Fortune

    • Poop Mango

      “One of these things is not like the others.”


      great list but i think we are talking more 80’s hairish metal here.

      • Guppusmaximus

        Didn’t take offense at all. I’m guilty of hijacking in order to make a list which is a guilty pleasure. But, in my defense, the title doesn’t lead one to believe that this column is limited to “Hair Bands” from that time period. IMHO, the late 80s were a horrible time for Glam Rock never mind its demise in the early 90s.

        Still, if I couldn’t stand the flush I wouldn’t be sitting next to the Toilet Ov Hell!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!

      • I’ll be covering a lot of thrash and even some plain old hard rock as well.


          there is loads of lumped in unfairly into hair the hair metal category bands. Tesla, kix, the four horseman, company of wolves, spread eagle, babylon AD, dirty looks, rhino bucket & a bunch more, def leppard up to pyromania. ( i will ruffle some feathers and say that pyro is the best leppard album. The best of both worlds. A slightly better production mixed with heavy catchy songs and some great guitar work. Also the album cover is fucking awesome) I don’t know why it isn’t said more often but i think it’s obvious that rick allens sem-electronic drum set up could do nothing but alter their sound dramatically. You can dump on DL all you want but i don’t think there ever has been or ever will be a band again as loyal to their bandmate as leppard were to rick allen. They were poised for a huge break through after pyro and they waited FOUR years for their friend to learn to play drums with one arm. If that isn’t love i don’t know what is.

          • I’m with you dude: Pyromania was a great album. Sure Def Leppard got way too sugar-coated shortly thereafter but it doesn’t take away from the great hard rock/heavy metal albums they made in the early-80s.

            Pyromania, along with Metal Health and Born Again, were the albums that got me started on heavier music. I’d like to say “I never looked back” since then but I look back frequently. …because they are STILL outstanding albums.


            born again , yea man, after heaven and hell and mob rules thats my favorite sabbath album. I have the english import with a second disc with unrelased track and a full live show with gillian. Its great to hear ian tackle the ozzy material. The studio album itself still has issues production wise but there seems to be nothing that can be done with it at this point.
            Here is my rating of Dio sabbath & some Dio solo ( i might raise some eyebrows with this)
            1. Mob Rules
            2. heaven and hell
            3. strange highways
            4. dehumanizer
            5. devil you know

          • I can never say with certainty whether I like H&H or Mob Rules better, but I can say that Dio was at his best on those two. First three Dio albums were good too. The song “I” on Dehumanizer is 10/10 brilliant.

            I’m ashamed to say that I’ve not yet ever listened to Strange Highways though….probably should fix that.


            I have to say that strange highways is like the very best of DIO solo combined with a lyrical approach similiar to dehumanizer. In short it sounds hardly anything like his earlier albums production wise, it’s a much heavier production, not thin like some of his early stuff tends to be on occasion. Its very dark, tracy g got shit on more than any DIO guitarist but SH is a godly album. I found angry machines to be a disaster,the cover, the name of the album, everything, listened to it once only, and that never happened to me with DIO music ever.

          • Guppusmaximus

            Right on!! Me and my neighborhood friends used to play air band (Tennis rackets & cardboard boxes) to Pyromania. Great freaking anthems on that album. Mental Health, Allied Forces (Triumph),MC’s S/T, Stay Hungry,Holy Diver… Aww, the good ‘ole days m/ m/

          • Johnny Crunch

            Well said (as always)


            CROM expresses his appreciation for your kind words, warrior of metal and steel.

          • Johnny Crunch

            I know the riddle

          • Gloryhole Castration

            Pyromania was the first cassette tape I ever owned haha! Still rock out to it once in a while.

    • Mostly solid list. Edit: I prefer No Exit to Perfect Symmetry though.

      • Guppusmaximus

        Thanks dude. There is no clear cut reason as to why I like the qausi-prog stuff from them better. Maybe it was the turn that Maiden took with 7th Son or the fact that it was less complex than Queensryche at the time. Yes, imho,Operation Mindecrime’s hooks were a little more harder to weed out, for me, back then. What the hell did I know, I was young:)

        Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, Queensryche’s odd time signatures came quicker. Fates Warning was a tad bit slower…

  • Kazz

    Always liked “18 and Life”, even though I associated it with the hair bands of the era. I’ll have to look into what I’ve been missing with the rest of that album and the follow-up.

    • Let me know if you think I’m wrong. Because I’m not and I’ll argue with you for a week 😉

      • Johnny Crunch


  • Tommy P

    I miss the days of MS where I actually stood a chance of being the first comment.

    • Tommy P

      Just kidding



      I think we as power metal fans and i as 8o’s metal fan are gravely outnumbered here.

      • Tommy P

        Do not fret, warrior, for our time is coming.

  • Gurp

    Dope-ass hair metal? How much more of that exists? Because Ratt is about all I got.
    (also, great About the Author!)

    • Thx, Gurp.


      ratt are great , but dokken is better, george lynch just steps it up and frankly leaves deMartini in the dust. First four dokken albums are all classic.
      breaking the chains
      tooth and nail
      under lock and key
      back for the attack
      Beast from the east (live)
      My 2 personal favorites.

      • Gurp

        Alright, will definitely jam these when I get home, thanks Conan!


    just as good as appetite, better than use your illusions, better than anything saul hudson or axl (the singer) has put out. Salty Fn Dog my friends.

  • DouglasTheFresh

    unflushable tag?

  • B00mhauer

    Check out dang ol’ Clementine, talking’ bout dang ol’ cleaning’ needles in her dang ol’ wine. Yo. Talking ’bout ol’ rockin riffs an wailin’ rocknroll vocals dang ol’ Skid Row. Yo.

  • Sponge Of Mystery

    Skid Row was my favorite band for all of 7th grade

    • Sounds like a good year.

      • Sponge Of Mystery

        nah, i was musically narrow minded. But i still jam this masterpiece, 5 years later, every now and then

  • Johnny Crunch

    Great article Jay. I got this album back in the day and I still love it to this day. One of my all time faves.

    • Thanks, Johnny! This album will never actually “get old” for me…even if I do 🙂

      • Johnny Crunch

        Doesn’t matter how old I get, this album will always take me back.

  • Warheart

    I must be the only one who prefers the Halestorm version of Slave to the Grind.

    • I’ve not even heard it yet.

      • billnyhc

        consider yourself lucky

      • Warheart

        If you’re willing to do it, you can try this, from around 1:40.

        Though I have to admit that Lzzy’s looks weights a lot in my opinion of the cover.


          whenever a good looking girl is involved it weighs into how much i like a band, i can’t help it , i love them young girls.


          we have to stick together bro, i love pretty reckless and you love halestorm. Strength in numbers. Who can really fault us , they both can really sing , it’s not shit like butcher babies.

          • Warheart

            Yeah man, Pretty Reckless is another band that deserves recognition from troo metalheads.

            However, even when you can never underestimate the power of BOOBS, you’re right, Butcher Babies sucks.

        • I don’t hate this but IMO it’s not even close to better than the original even with some studio polish.

  • Chino’s shoe

    Still dig this album

  • Ann Coulter’s Flaccid Penis

    I’m too young for this.

    • C’mon. That’s like me saying I’m too young for Sabbath because I was born in ’74. Good music is good music 🙂

  • paganheart

    I fucking love this album, still one of my go-to records….”Monkey Business” is one of my absolute favorite songs to crank up when I’ve had a really, really bad day, because it’s just so pissed off… This album is much better than their debut IMO and (ballads notwithstanding) showed Skid Row moving in the direction of being more of a “serious” metal band rather than shallow, superficial world of hair metal. Heck I’m not even sure Skid Row would have been lumped in with the hair bands were it not for the fact that they had a couple of really good looking guys in Rachel Bolan and Sebastian Bach. And yes I will cop to having a Sebastian Bach pinup poster in my school locker at one point…. That aside, great record and a must for any metalhead’s library.

  • RuIN?

    The debut and this album were both great albums. Good analysis Jay.

  • Kevin Nash’s Jackknife

    I like Skid Row, I haven’t listen to them in a while though. Too busy tearing my quads.

  • Óðhinn

    Hated this shit in 1989. Still hate it today.

  • Westpaceagle

    Sebastian Bach is one of the all time great vocal talents of any musical genre. Everything on the that album works to foxy bad-boy perfection.