Bloody Hammers – The Reaper Comes: A Video Breakdown


Skeet skeet skeet.

Bloody Hammers is a goth/doom/occult rock band from Transylvania County, North Carolina. I checked, it’s a real place. Not too many bands say which county they hail from, but I can understand in a case like this one. The band is a two-piece lead by Anders Manga on vocal/guitar/bass duty and Devallia playing the keys. I know Toilet oV Hell has a strict “No Anime” policy, but no one said anything about Manga. Grab your love pillow, black Burger King burgers, and let’s get started.

0:08: Can’t rain all the time.
0:12: Mmmm that’s some good Carpenter synth.
0:19: Oh, dear.
0:23: You got a little…a little something on your face, dude.
0:26: “Hi, I’m Death. You may remember me from my starring role in Sex In The City 2.”
0:31: I hope he brought an umbrella. Those clouds are looking mighty angry.
0:36: Solid “trees n’ shit” establishing shot.
0:40: “Did I miss the bus?”
0:45: I’m kind of hoping her right hand is a giant hook.
0:49: “Nooo! My pale white skin! I’ll spark and burn like a fork in the microwave!”
0:54: Roots n’ shit.
1:01: Holy shit, they have the Invisible Man on drums.
1:10: Fisheye lens n’ shit.
1:19: This is giving me flashbacks to The Blair Witch Project.
1:26: That’s not a scythe. This is a scythe.
1:35: If you ask me, the Invisible Man deserves top billing.
1:38: Or at least billing over Spoopy Sam over here.
1:46: Art School project n’ shit.
1:56: I like the random “smokexplosions” behind him. They don’t make any sense, but they look cool.
2:04: Vultures n’ shit.
2:13: A little disappointed that Spoopy Sam didn’t also paint his beard.
2:22: Solid form from Invisy.
2:31: Jeez, Reaper. Are you going to come or what?
2:36: We haven’t got all day, y’know.
2:42: Black and white film with not a lot happening.
2:45: Yup, definite Blair Witch vibes.
2:56: They blew all their budget on those “special” effects.
3:05: I think I’m slowly slipping into a coma.
3:12: If I don’t make it, tell Phil Labonte that he sucks.
3:16: Also, don’t touch my stuff.
3:21: I’ve seen plays more exciting than this. Honest to God. Plays.
3:32: Wait, you were capable of sounding like this the entire time and you waited over 3 minutes to do it?
3:36: That makes it even worse!
3:51: “Hi, I’m Jeff. I’m filling in for Death while he’s off playing violin.”
4:00: So, really, Bloody Hammers has 4 members.
4:04: Also, “Bloody Hammers” is an “88” away from being a nazibuttz band name.
4:13: Confirmed: not a hook hand.
4:17: Swing and a miss, Jeff!
4:29: Shouldn’t all of these vultures get credit for being in the band too?
4:35: I think we can install a “No Manga” rule now.
4:38: So, did the Reaper come or did he suffer from a serious case of Reaper balls?

Bloody Hammers’s album Lovely Sort Of Death is out on August 5th via Napalm Records.

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  • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan2

    Hi, I am an 18 (gonna be 19) year old goth and I just kind of wanted some advice. First, I am plus size and I work at a job that pays $375-$418 bi-weekly and all the gothic clothing that I am wanting from famous sites (such as corsets and whatnot) do not come in my size and are not on my budget, plus I have been having some trouble losing weight. How would I be able to get this to work?

    – Gigi Hirokashi, 1 year ago

    • They are opening a new crossfit center down the street. It is called Corset-Fit. There has gotta be something going on there that will help you.

      -Georgie Lynch, a few seconds ago

      • Dave Vincent’s Perm

        First rule of crossfit- never shut the fuck up about crossfit

    • Groo The Wanderer

      Krokodil. Lots and lots of krokodil will help shed those pounds in no time. And heroin for a midnight snack.

    • Count_Breznak

      Corsets come in various sizes

    • more beer

      Do a lot of meth. You will be more broke and your teeth will be fucked up. But at least you won’t be fat!

    • Cowboy Dick

      Dont squat with your spurs on or eat more’n your fill. I reckon.

  • tertius_decimus

    > 3:32: Wait, you were capable of sounding like this the entire time and you waited over 3 minutes to do it?

    Spot on. Too long intro for such moody song.

  • Scrimm


  • Joaquin Stick

    The only parts of this that weren’t horribly boring were the parts that were unintentionally hilarious. Good job with this moody spoopy vid. The green screen on inivisman was great.

  • Trannsylvania County, Llololololollololollllolololololololkklolollkkekekekekekekekeee

    • 30 minutes from my house. Check with Eliza for confirmation.

      oh hey, this showed up today (@Tyree, @Stan)

      • Transylvania county is a beautiful place. This embed is not.

        thanks, 365

      • RJA

        How is that cirrhus record – been meaning to check that out for a long time

        • as tyree and stan would point out, its a raw bm record w punk beats. groovy, not orthodox

    • Max

      Dracula Avenue.

      • transylvania county is to dracula as floridians are to wnc

        • Max


          • western north carolina (where this band is from)

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            Well I guess I’m not going there.

          • if you fear floridian, south carolinian, and georgian incursion, as i do. then, yes.

          • Get out of my fucking State. Basically.

          • Janitor Jim Duggan

            I’m wondering what that is

  • i’m not saying this to detract from 365’s great work in making fun, BUT…
    song’s not bad at all! a heavier Pink Floyd might be a fitting description.

    • uhhhhhhh wnc represent, rite?

    • Janitor Jim Duggan

      Are we hearing the same song?

    • Max

      Certainly a cut above the usual fare. But needs more cherry boobs.

  • Óðinn

    Pennsylvania can be “scary” too. In a different way, but still scary.

  • Groo The Wanderer
  • Eliza

    I’m not sure this was worthy of a video breakdown. The song and video are just meh.