Best New Band Of The Month: Rosy Finch


If the rumors that 90’s music is making a comeback are true than Rosy Finch should be riding the crest of that wave. This stoner grunge trio play their songs with a garage band mindset and the aesthetic suits them perfectly.

Take one listen to “Úrsula” and you will be hooked the second the vocals hit. If Courtney Love wishes she could do an Alice In Chains impression (minus being bat shit crazy and drug addicted), the result might sound something like this. The song itself plays out almost like a movie with a beginning, middle and end. The verses and choruses get repeated twice before giving way to a calm, serene yet gloomy middle section before climaxing and carrying you home. The vocal catchiness alone should earn bonus points because the song is sung entirely in Spanish yet it’s so powerful that the language barrier is inconsequential. Oh, and the music is expertly constructed too. The guitar riffs, bass lines and drumming all go tit for tat with the vocal melodies to make for a powerful listening experience. Musically, the influences are comparable to Sonic Youth, The Melvins and Hole but as with most resurgences in dormant genres of music, Rosy Finch put their own stamp on it by taking you to a darker, grittier place.

There’s more where that came from. Steam Rosy Finch’s debut album Witchboro below and get the full effect. These two ladies and one gentleman continue to throw one catchy hook after another throughout the entire album backed by carefully thought out songwriting and a raw production. You can actually hear guitarist/vocalist Mireia Porto’s fingers scraping across the fretboard on several tracks. Songs like “Polvo Zombi” strike a balance between caustic doom and a dual angelic vocal delivery that is both simultaneously haunting and beautiful. The albums later tracks “Ligiea” and “Mistress of All Evil” move into more experimental territory as they start off as songs and then break out into unexpected jam sessions yet strong riff construction and infectious melodies remain intact. So put on a flannel, stop combing your hair and contemplate moving to Seattle as you immerse yourself in Rosy Finch’s infectious aura. Scratch that part about moving to Seattle because this trio resides in Spain so you likely won’t encounter them there unless it’s on a tour stop.


Throw Rosy Finch a like on their Facebook page and purchase Witchboro from their Bandcamp at a very reasonable prices in whatever format you may desire.

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  • You had me at “kind of like” Alice In Chains. Can jam this.

  • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

    I’d rather check out Rosy Palm and her Five Friends. Shit’s heavy…

  • This reminds me of the early-nineties…in a good way.

  • Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo

    Sounds good. I’m digging that snare

  • Spear

    You weren’t kidding about those vocals. Damn.

    • The vocals are probably the best part of the whole album. There’s a lot of heart and soul in them.

  • HessianHunter

    One listen and that melody/riff is in my head. Cool shit.

  • OT: about the only two extreme metal releases that matter this year both came out today; Cattle Decap and the almighty fucking KRISIUN!

    • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

      Lofty comment is lofty.

      • I stand behind it. I’m not impressed by a bunch of largely-indistinguishable tr00 bands anymore. Krisiun and Cattle Decap do their own thing and stand head and shoulders above most of their peers.

        • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

          Even though the new Krisiun is getting meh reviews???

          • Yep. Meh-Krisiun is still better than most other modern DM IMO.

        • Pagliacci is Kvlt

          You’ll have to get out of your hoveround to stand behind it.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain


    • Wombath, Deiphago and Pissgrave drop today too.

    • Don Henley’s Ego

      Fear Factory came out today. Have any of you read any reviews of it?

      • I saw one telling that it sucks.

        I didn’t hear it, so I can’t relate.

        • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

          Well, it is cunting Fear Factory.

          • Tyree

            Industrial metal in general is just bad.

          • Don Henley’s Ego

            Tyree plz! I love industrial metal!

          • Tyree

            I’m actually surprised my this. For a guy that is big on classic rock and old school production this is kinda surprising.

          • Don Henley’s Ego

            I enjoy it very much. Fear Factory and Ministry are favorites of mine as are basically any of the smaller bands such as Stabbing Westward, Front Line Assembly, Mnemic and Therapy?. I also love Nothingface.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Wow, just wow.

          • Tyree
          • His ego trascend the binary code.

          • Don Henley’s Ego

            I’ll try.

          • KJM

            Indeed, that’s a huge chunk of the reason why I don’t like it.

          • KJM

            Yes, yes it is.

          • Don Henley’s Ego

            KJM why do you hate industrial metal? I love stuff like this.

          • KJM

            I like some Ministry, but I prefer my Metal analog.

          • King Shit of Fuck Mountain

            Thank you.

        • Don Henley’s Ego

          It’s on Spotify so I’m listening to it now. It’s good so far.

          • Back to amazing classic rock: Check out Tommy Bolin’s “Teaser” and “Private Eyes” albums. They really don’t fucking make ’em like those anymore.

          • Don Henley’s Ego

            Tommy Bolin was in James Gang apparently. His work on their Bang and Miami albums was superb. I’ll give those two albums a listen.

          • CT-12

            Do you listen to Camel at all? I’ve been jamming Breathless a lot lately, very good album. Definitely see where Opeth took some influence.

          • Hell, yes.

            I need to get more of their albums though. I have a couple Camel SACDs bookmarked on CDJapan…need Rainbow Rising and Long Live Rock and Roll first though.

      • No, but I’ll check it out. I really liked Mechanize. It’s the only record of theirs I have at the mo.

        • Don Henley’s Ego

          I have Archetype and Transgression. I’m enjoying the new one so far.

          • I think I’d be more down with even a mediocre FF album at this point than a supposedly “siqq” death-grunt band with no memorable songwriting at all.

          • Don Henley’s Ego

            Are you enjoying it?

          • Still haven’t listened. Will report back when I do.

    • black fast too… if you’re into it

    • The only thing that truly matters is Cult Leader in October.

      • Will listen. There’s a 75% chance of grumpiness and get off my lawn when I let you know what I think though.

  • Wowowowowow.

    I like this.

  • tertius_decimus

    Tell me something good, please.

  • Don Henley’s Ego

    This Rosy Finch stuff is good. I may not like grunge but adding stoner influence and making it sound like a garage band makes it much better.

    • Disgustache

      Yo man, have you ever seen Scent of a Woman? Have you ever seen Scent of a Woman… On weeeeeeeed?

  • Dubzlinger, Malandro

    I don’t usually dig on grunge, but that first song ain’t bad.

    • Check “Polvo Zombi” Dubs, that song is more doomy but with those vocals over it.

      • Dubzlinger, Malandro

        I like teh vox.

  • The Fish Boz

    I loved this band and their release this year. Glad you wrote about them, as I planned to a while ago and never did.

    Also gota give the homie Ted Nu-Djent the shouts out for introducing me to these guys.

    • The 1st half of the album is more song oriented while the second half is more experimental. The second half takes some getting used to but all the things that make the first part good are there.

      • The Fish Boz

        That is very accurate. It’s cool that they’re a trio, also.

  • 365chaosriddendays

    Some releases are good, I’m thinking about Cattle Decapitation, Pissgrave, Gnaw Their Tongues and Necropsy and Black Fast.

  • Disgustache

    This shit rips!Who really wanted the 90s to be over anyways? Not this internet commenter.

  • Tyree

    So I was watching Lethal Weapon 2 the other day.

  • Don Henley’s Ego

    Have any of you heard the new Lucifer album?

    • KJM

      I’ve only heard a couple songs. It’s okay. It’s the kind of thing that Blood Ceremony & Purson do far better, but it’s still decent. I’ll be seeing them on the 17th opening for High On Fire. I’ll have more opinions then, I’m sure.

    • CT-12

      I was admittedly more impressed with them live than I thought I was going to be. Still, something about them just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Either way, glad you’re enjoying it duder.

  • Warheart

    Reminds me of Drain STH.

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