AOTY 2K16, as chosen by Richter, Leif Bearikson, and Old Man Doom


Listmania is in full swing here at the Toilet ov Hell. Check out the top-10 lists from loyal TovH writers Richter, Leif Bearikson, and Old Man Doom.

Richter’s Top 10 ov 2016

virus210. VirusMemento Collider | Karisma Records

Honorary AOTY slot because IT’S FUCKING VIRUS! Memento Collider is another trippy ride in a history of trippy rides from these legends of Norwegian what?metal. If that isn’t enough to prick up your ears, read the long version here.


Listen to — “Dripping into Orbit

streetsects29. Street SectsEnd Position | The Flenser

I probably would have passed on this album had fate not intervened. That would have been a shame. You can’t just listen to black metal all the time, right? Wrong? Regardless, it’s good for the soul to receive your ear-bleedingly heavy doses of loathing and disgust from other areas of the genre spectrum. In the case of End Position, from hyper and noisy industrialized punk. This album may be riffless, but it is easily as loud and heavy as anything else released this year. And it has continued to grow on me long after my review, to the point where it managed to knock some other unfortunate album off this list.

Listen to — “If This is What Passes for Living

nadra8. NaðraAllir vegir til glötunar | Fallen Empire Records

Allir vegir etc was my first great hope of the year. The first album I looked forward to hearing (covered brilliantly by Spear here). 2016 got off to a bit of a slow start for extreme metal, and perhaps because of that draught, Naðra’s debut album stirred up a great deal of pre-release hype. Or perhaps it’s just a killer album, among the best to emerge from the relatively young and already formidable Icelandic black metal scene. Allir vegir breaks free of Icelandic BM’s association with the French school of dissonance in favor of bright and triumphant anthems shredded by sadistically harsh production. My only substantial gripe is that the vocalist never shuts his mouth.

Listen to — “Sár”

caraneir27. Cara NeirPerpetual Despair is the Human Condition | Broken Limbs Recordings

This one made it to the list by the skin of its teeth on account of being released so got-danged late in the year. It’s probably the most hard-riffing thing I’ve reviewed (said the guy who doesn’t usually listen to all that many hard-riffing things). Great punky black metal for driving angry. Or driving happy, if you’re the kind of person who is made insanely happy by very angry-sounding things. It is that anger, radiating from every single instrument on Perpetual Despair, which forms a bridge between the usual dark desolation of black metal and the pissed-off histrionics of punk and post-hardcore. This album is a big fat NO uttered in the face of an unacceptable universe.

Listen to — “Spiteful Universe

howls16. Howls of EbbCursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows | I, Voidhanger Records

Filthy. Facetious. Frightening. Fun. These are all words that start with F. And they all apply to this bloated and bonkers thing called Cursus Impasse. The term “surf-death” does not start with F, but it also applies. Cursus Impasse is somehow grandiose and shoddy at the same time. An occult and groovy avant-death fuckaround the likes of which you will never hear again in your puny life–unless you listen to some other Howls of Ebb record. If any of this makes sense to you then you are in for a treat: skip over this and this and go straight to the listening.

Listen to — “Subliminal Lock – A Precursor to Vengeance

haunter25. HaunterThrinodía | Self Released

The U.S. has been a hotbed of forward-thinking black metal for at least a decade now. There is something immediately recognizable about the American sound. And yet it is completely incoherent and difficult to put into words, in large part because USBM draws liberally and fearlessly from other American musical traditions, from hardcore and indie rock to deathrock and whatever “Americana” is. Haunter are out there on the frontier, sprinting into the unknown right alongside the alphas of the scene. This is a very young band, and yet they’ve already made a bold and unique statement. I have no doubt that they will do great things in years to come. Read more garbage words about the jaw-dropping Thrinodía here.

Listen to — “Apnoeic (Polarized in Retrospective Contempt)

crowhurst4. CrowhurstII | Dullest Records

There’s really nothing I can say about this record that Edward hasn’t already said. So for a quick recap: II is premium tier listening for the adventurous extreme metal fan. There’s probably no more exciting artist working at the edges of black, doom and post metal than Crowhurst mastermind Jay Gambit. Come for the despondent black metal vibes. Stay for the noisy Swans-inflected art-fuck.

Listen to — “The End

skaphe23. SkápheSkáphe² | Fallen Empire Records

Ever have that dream where you’re falling? Skáphe² is what you’re falling into. A vortex composed of every nightmare or memory your mind has ever recorded and every unsettling or eerie or downright frightening sound you’ve ever heard. Oppressive black metal filtered through gulfs of moribund dissonance and half-aborted riffs. A protean throat of mirrors swallowing itself and you along with it. In no way catchy and yet utterly addictive. Read Lacertilian’s most excellent thoughts on the record here.

Listen to — “II

psalm22. Psalm ZeroStranger to Violence | Profound Lore Records

Stranger to Violence is about as metal as a non-metal album can get. Or vice versa. It dances along some weird horizon at the limits of art rock, metal and post-punk. It skirts the razor edge between catchy and challenging. Between familiar and alien. Between heartfelt and detached. I rated this album 4 out of 5 Flaming Toilets of Hell, but at this late point in the year I’ve come to regret not giving it a 4.5.

Listen to — “White Psyche


1. Wreck & ReferenceIndifferent Rivers Romance End | The Flenser

I’ve never successfully described the music of W&R to anyone. I don’t even think my review of this album did the trick. But I’m going to try again briefly: dark avant-garde chambercore. Lovely sample-based orchestrations surrounded by harsh vocal outcries and maleficent collages of ambience and noise, all lashed into order by Ignat’s bloodthirsty percussive whip. This is a rare example of a band taking everything that makes them great and pushing it to the semblance of perfection.

Listen to — “Manifestos



I’m foregoing numbering my list this year because in a year where there was so much quality music trying to hoist up us up out of the cesspits it feels like a disservice to number them. SO, here are 10 of my favorite albums in no particular order.

Blood Incantation Starspawn
Dark Descent Records | August 18th, 2016

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I am, frankly, head over heels for this albumStarspawn is more or less exactly what I want from my death metal. There are gargantuan cavern riffs, sun swallowing vocals, mind warping solos and even some freaking kraut rock. In my book this was the best death metal album of the year and one that I’ve been listening to nonstop since the promo hit my inbox. An instant classic that cements Blood Incantation as a force.

Listen to “Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Pt. 2)” 

Chthe’ilist Le Dernier Crepuscule
Profound Lore | January 29th, 2016

Given my affinity for Blood Incantation’s off kilter form of death metal, this selection should probably come as little surprise. Their take on my personal favorite genre of “weirdo death metal” is something like if Incantation had been raised by murlocs in a swamp behind Lovecraft’s house. While the riffs and atmosphere are great, it’s the leads and the mindfucking Seinfeld-esque slap bass that kept me coming back.

Listen to “Voidspawn”

Gatecreeper Sonoran Depravation
Relapse Records | October 7th, 2016

Arizona’s Gatecreeper doesn’t offer anything new or terribly showy, but what they do offer is some of the finest swedeath you’ve probably herd in quite some time, presented in absolutely brutal fashion. From the first pneumatic hammer of a riff I was hooked by Gatecreeper’s buzzsaw barrage and I’ve found myself revisiting it frequently, whether at the gym or just kicking back with a beer and a desire to headbang.

Listen to “Sterilized”

Brutally Deceased Satanic Corpse
Doomentia Records | August 18th, 2016

This record is everything incredible about heavy metal distilled into one CD. Brutally Deceased. Satanic Corpse. That giant red sticker. It’s all just so wonderfully absurd, and that’s before we even get to the music! Satanic Corpse is, more or less, the best album that Dismember never released. Don’t believe me? Listen to “Hosstile Earth and realize how wrong you are.

Listen to – “Hostile Earth”

Nucleus Sentient
Unspeakable Axe Records | April 15th, 2016

MORE WEIRD DEATH METAL. 2016 was a red letter year for bands that dabble in death metal’s more outlandish elements, and one of the standout debuts was Sentient by Nucleus. This album is really a twofer as it appeals to the death metal fan in me AND the scifi nerd with songs that cover everything from The Forever War to motherfucking Cube. Plus, just look at that album art! Classic Seagrave paired with a great debut is a winning combo.

Listen to motherfucking “Cube”

Neurosis Fires Within Fires
Neurot Recordings | September 23rd, 2016

I think I’ve pretty much said everything I could possibly say about Fires within Fires right here, so I’ll just leave it at this: 30 years in Neurosis don’t exactly surprise, but they can still deliver as cathartic an experience as you will find in heavy music.

Listen to “Reach”

Inter Arma Paradise Gallows
Relapse Records | July 8th, 2016

If 2013’s Sky Burial put Inter Arma on the map, then Paradise Gallows sees them taking over a massive portion of it, Shogun: Total War style. If you sub out the assassins and massive amounts of archers with fat, churning riffs, mesmerizing songcraft and a desire to incorporate every musical style known to man into one album that analogy totally works. No, really. It does.

Listen to “Violent Constellations”

Mizmor Yodh
Gilead Media | August 12th, 2016

Rarely does an album just HURT as much as this one does. Yodh is a difficult listen, not because it’s particularly dense instrumentally or all over the place musically, but because you can just feel the agony in every note and every bellow of sole member ALN. The mix of black and doom here feels perfect for that agony, quickly switching from melancholic loathing to seething hatred. Far and away one of the most powerful albums released in 2016.

Listen to “I.Woe Regains My Substance”

Zhrine Unortheta
Season of Mist | April 8th, 2016

2016 was the year we finally realized what Iceland was capable of when it came to black metal. Everything released this year would be met with absurd expectations. Even so, Zhrine managed to blow those expectations away with Unortheta. Featuring not just black metal, but traces of doom, post rock, and an adventurous sense of songwriting, Unortheta is the most varied, and excellent, album to come from the Icelandic scene. All others have been put on notice.

Listen to “Empire”

Ash Borer The Irrepassable Gate
Profound Lore | December 2nd, 2016

The Vrasubatlat crew have been busy this year, releasing albums from Predatory Light, Uskumgallu, Urzeit and prepping new material for Triumvir Foul. Their most notable accomplishment though is definitely Ash Borer’s The Irrepassable Gate. While I have no idea what the album title means, I DO know that this is some of the finest (and catchiest!) USBM released this year. It warps and bends from atmosphere to twisted riffs that repeat and hypnotize, slowly drawing you further and further in until…you hit the play button again because it’s so damn good.

Listen to “Lacerated Spirit”


OLD MAN DOOM’S Top 10 of 2016


10. The Vision BleakThe Unknown | Prophecy Productions

The Vision Bleak have been a mainstay in the gothic metal community for the past decade.  But despite their age, The Unknown offers up some of their most succinct and effective death/doom songwriting to date.  The songs herein straddle the line between straight-faced melancholia and kitschy horror all while managing to include some very catchy hooks and headbang-able riffage.  If you like your death/doom heavy as fuck with a side of gothic camp, then make sure to check out The Unknown.

Listen to — “The Fragrancy of Soil Unearthed


9. The Lion’s DaughterExistence Is Horror | Season of Mist

Wild sludge with a lyrical focus on horror films.  What more could you want?  The Horror of Existence is produced by Sanford Parker (YOB, Rwake), making it one of the sonically heaviest, grimiest records of the year.  It truly is a harrowing and terrifying listen.


Listen to — “Four Flies,” “The Horror of Existence


8. MaethShrouded Mountain | Independent

Maeth pick their riffs straight from the earth.  They dig through the soil, through the bones and the grit and roots to find the material from which they craft their transcendental sludge.  The heavily effected flute that guides the songs through the cosmic afterlife lends an almost shamanic quality to the fuzzed out riffs on display here.  Any time you listen to Shrouded Mountain, it’s a journey far beyond that which we know.  Just where that journey leads, I don’t know – but I like it.

Listen to — “Verne


7. Inter ArmaParadise Gallows | Relapse Records

Holy shit, the dudes in Inter Arma have been busy! They’ve recorded two incredible full lengths and a 45 minute long single song EP just in the past three years.  And I am so damn grateful for it!  Their brand of sludge prioritizes atmosphere to great effect, and the experimentation with cleaner vocal styles in some of the songs is also a welcome addition to the band’s already dynamic sound.  The fluctuation between light and heavy on Paradise Gallows tells a story, one that is at once timeless and ancient beyond recognition.  If a western-tinged sludge metal band exploring the outer reaches of conscious thought sounds good to you, then give Paradise Gallows a listen… or ten.

Listen to — “Paradise Gallows,” “Where the Earth Meets the Sky


6. Mouth of the ArchitectPath of Eight | Independent

Post-metal is a funny genre for me: when it’s bad, it’s really fucking bad boring.  When it’s good, it’s got my interest locked in more than anything else.  Path of Eight reinforces the latter reaction.  I think I may have listened to this record more than any other record this year, and it’s because it features some of the weirdest and catchiest material the band has produced to date.  It seems to me that the adherence to the concept album format and telling a story of the afterlife (read my review here) truly gave a new life to what could have just another post-metal riff fest.  Instead, the incorporation of bizarre atmospheric elements and more succinct songwriting really captured both my interest and my imagination.

Listen — “Ritual Bell,” “Fever Dream


5. Hail Spirit NoirMayhem in Blue | Dark Essence Records

This is some quality black ‘n roll… and it rides in on a surfboard.  Hail Spirit Noir embrace the kitsch and use it to great effect in this prog rock nightmare of an album.  From the hellish circus vibes of “Lost in Satan’s Charms” and “Riders to Utopia” to the bizarrely 70’s easy listening style intro on “How to Fly in Blackness,” the album covers a broad spectrum of weirdo rock infused with an aggressive black metal edge.  Mayhem in Blue is the perfect soundtrack for your next Satanic surf rock sacrifice or dinner-and-a-movie premier of Eraserhead.

Listen to — “Lost in Satan’s Charms,” “How to Fly in Blackness


4. GojiraMagma | Roadrunner Records

Even though I was initially hesitant about this album, I have come to enjoy the progressive direction The Gojiras have taken on Magma.  The signature heavy grooves are still here (“Silvera,” “The Cell”), but the atmospheric elements have mellowed and spread out more than on previous efforts.  And I think this spreading out greatly enhanced the album’s inner contemplative aspects, especially given the highly personal subject matter for the Duplantier bros.  While there are certainly those who disagree, I’ll say that Magma, to me, is truly and authentically Gojira to its core.

Listen to — “Low Lands

apothic gloom

3. SkeletonwitchThe Apothic Gloom | Prosthetic Records

The ‘Wtich returns!  And this time they’ve brought with them a new singer: Adam Clemans of Wolvhammer.  I suppose most conversation around this EP has focused on Clemans, so I’ll spare you all and just say that he’s fantastic; his rasp fits the blackened-thrash aesthetic perfectly.  That being said, I think that the actual songwriting itself is some of the strongest that the band has ever put forward.  The intense melodic solo section at the end of “Black Waters” is moving in a way that only a gore and guts band like Skeletonwitch can pull off.  If you had doubts that this line-up change spelled doom for these guys, fret not!  I am here to say that The Apothic Gloom is as fine an example of Ohioan blackened-thrash as any.  As such, I am stoked to hear more about the new album for next year.

Listen to —  “Red Death, White Light

Releases in the Spring.

2. IhsahnArktisMnemosyne Productions

I pretty much unconditionally love anything and everything this man does.  Arktis is no exception, but the album does mark an interesting, if not slightly upsetting for some, departure from previous albums.  Instead of the long, sprawling prog metal epics that listeners are used to, Arktis features some very succinct and traditional songwriting.  You know: verse, chorus, verse chorus – that kind of thing.  I was willing to go with Mr. Ihsahn on this curious journey, and I am glad I did.  The songs really fuckin’ rock!  Ihsahn’s signature guitar work is at the forefront of each track while his big choruses really drive songs like “Pressure” and “Until I Too Dissolve.”  Good, good stuff.

Listen to — “Until I Too Dissolve,” “Pressure


1. COBALT – Slow Forever | Profound Lore Records

Savagery incarnate.  Tortured, twisted, triumphant – in other words, quintessentially American.  Slow Forever is a perpetually wounded animal backed into a corner, lashing out against the very forces that created it.  Collapse with it.


Listen to “Cold Breaker,” “Siege

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    I agree with some of these picks and do not agree with some of the others. About a few, I have no opinion.


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      1/30 ain’t bad.

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        ‘Cause 1 out of 30 ain’t bad

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      Some are good. Some are bad. Some are just okay.

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    • That’s the beauty of these, no two people will have identical lists.

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        I WILL. AND SO WILL I.

  • RustyShackleford

    I’m straight EMBARRASSED how little new shit I’ve listened to in the past couple months. I’ll be saving all these AOTY2K16 articles no doubt. One thing I will say, I love that Ihsahn record. Yep!

  • Mosh Hoff

    That Brutally Deceased was waaaaay better than I could have expected when I heard it last month.

    Pologirardicore >>>>>>>>

    • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan2

      hey pplz….. this album is pretty good. And the people who think that this album was crap so they are just gona give the band away r idiots.

      And because im a guitarist i understand and appreciate music more then other ppl hoo dont.

      -daniel smith, (October 5, 2006)

    • It would be great if the whole thing was streamable on Bandcamp or Spotify.

      • Lacertilian

        They really should have used one of the last few tracks as a streamable song.

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  • Señor Jefe El Rosa

    Excellent lists and excellent write ups gentlemen!

  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    Leif: Nucleus was hot fire. The best dm record this year, methinks (tied with Asphyx). But that Gatecreeper still bores me to tears, sry. Also I don’t know whether I love Fires Withim Fires or am a little disappointed in it. ‘Twas the same with Honour Found In Decay, ‘cept now it’s about all the songs.

    Richter: These surely are albums that contain songs. Liked Haunter but didn’t give it much of a spin, must reconcile. Street Sects>>>>>>

    OMD: I wasn’t feeling The Vision Bleak’s previous record, but loved the couple before it – haven’t spun this new at all because of the crappy predecessor! Been also meaning to spin Hail Spirit Noir but the queue grows faster than I can play anything.

    • Edward/Breegrodamus™

      BEAR GOD

      • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod


    • Old Man Doom

      The respect that about TVB. The previous one really sucked, but I can say that the riffs are definitely stronger on Unknown. It has more of a desolate and hopeless vibe than any of the others as well.

  • SupremeKrieg

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    Haunter and Skaphe. Nice.

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    I prefer to refer to him as Adam Clemans (ex-Iron Thrones)… because damn, do I ever miss Iron Thrones.

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      <3 Iron Thrones. I feel ya.

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      Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a loooooong time

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        I’ve got both “Visions of Light” and “The Wretched Sun” on cd and still spin them with great frequency.

        • Leif Bearikson

          I’ve got The Wretched Sun around here somewhere. I think I’m gonna have to go dig for it tonight

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    I look forward to more POWER in the next segment though.

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    Should I give Magma another shot? Y/N
    Nice list there OMD. I gotta re-check-out most of the other two lists. I’ve listened to most of those albums, just can’t seem to recall what I thought about them.

    • Old Man Doom

      I almost left Magma out honestly. “Low Lands” resonated greatly with me, and it’s the main reason I selected it. I’d say a hesitant Yes

  • Nice work gentleman. These lists are good because you can delve into stuff you may have missed. The Lion’s Daughter and Street Sects albums warrant further investigation for me.

    • Old Man Doom

      Get on that Lion’s Daughter for sure

      • It was been wish listed on BC so I do not forget about it.

  • *feeling odd sense of accomplishment for owning lots of albums that appear on Internet strangers’ AOTY lists*

  • I’d say I agree with leafs list the most out of these. Still need to hear that ash borer.

  • Óðinn
  • Richter: my favorite of your list was definetely Psalm Zero, such an evocative and powerful record! I also feel the same as you with Nadra.

    Leif: I didn’t felt Blood Incantation, but “mindfucking Seinfeld-esque slap bass” and Zhrine got me the entire year, Chthe’ilst is one of my favorite death metal records of the year. I’m intrigued with Brutally Deceased, might check it out.

    OMD: really loved Skeletonwitch (those leads!) and The Vision Bleak (<3 gothic power). I'm curious about Hail Spirit Noir.

    Thanks for sharing your lists, guys!

    HAIL, and let this listmania be fructiferous as the past year.

  • tigeraid

    The Skeletonwitch one is an interesting choice too–it really just didn’t resonate with me. Perfectly excelllent blackened-thrash, but didn’t stand out for me like their previous work. I don’t WANT to blame the new vocalist, but maybe I do?

    • they totes went more melodic and less thrashy when they acquired that new lead vocalist. one party might say “they’re maturing” and one party might say “they’re ready to sell a few more albums”… or anything really, we could guess all day long. but it certainly doesn’t have the raw, unhinged flavor of Beyond the Permafrost and Breathing the Fire :/

      • Óðinn

        Not unhinged? Hmm. That doesn’t sound good. I liked Skeletonwitch just fine. No need for a change in sound.

      • tigeraid

        Which is odd tho, as I’m typically a guy who LIKES when “raw” bands get cleaned up and more melodic.

        • it’s impossible to deny the denim-wearing, beer-chugging awesomeness of their first couple o’ albums. especially after seeing them live with the new singer, i am totally convinced that they want to shed that old image and be taken a little more seriously.

      • AndySynn

        I’m in the rare group who loves Forever Abomination the most.

        I told people that on a sunny rooftop in Baltimore earlier this year and was nearly thrown off. “True” story.

  • AeonsOvChaos

    Hello people ov the infernal toilet,It’s good to know which albums rules hard for ya, and for us too sometimes, I mean, tastes could be different, not your talent in writing a review or the bands who created music, last night we, the readers, gave you some names, I did it too but my short list were about albums, but sincerely I have a list for EP and demos and some album I forgot too, I don’t trying to steal the scene of course, some feedback could be good for me, so, here’s the good, the great, the not so bad but not astounding material list of mine, I let your opinions do the talking:

    Aegrus – Conjuring The Old Echoes
    Dead Congregation – Sombre Doom
    Gruesome – Dimensions of Horror
    Enucleator – Demo 2k16
    Caveman Cult – Barbaric Bloodlust/Savage War Is Destiny
    Vermin Womb – Decline
    Naðra — Allir vegir til glötunar/Form
    Adaestuo – Tacent Semitae
    – Transmutation of Wounds
    Obscure Evil – Midnight Forces/Void Fumes
    Malleus – Storm of Witchcraft
    Profane Order – Marked By Malice
    Bat – Wings of Chains
    Hellbringer – Awakened From The Abyss
    Vlk – Of Wolves’Blood
    Death Fetishist – Whorifice/Lucifer Descending/Clandestine Sacrament
    Almyrkvi – Pupil of The Searing Maelstrom
    Skeletonwitch – Apothic Gloom
    Simulacro – Echi Dall’Abisso

    • Señor Jefe El Rosa

      Obscure Evil + Vlk = good picks

      • AeonsOvChaos

        Old (school) but gold Boss, Yeah, those bands know how to write songs.

    • Rob M

      Lots of good stuff on that list…nice one!

      • AeonsOvChaos

        Thanks Rob!

    • Almyrkvi>>>>>>>>>>>

  • I liked Leif’s list the most, yes sir mhmm.

  • Scrimm

    Hey someone else has some of the things on my list!

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  • Rob M

    Out of these three, I think Lief’s is the list I have the most in common with…at least half of those I enjoyed myself

  • Waynecro

    According to a recent press release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

    “During December, the risk of contracting listmania (and its sister condition, list fever) increases exponentially. If you have not been immunized, your health could be in jeopardy. Symptoms of listmania can include anxiety, paranoia, sporadic obsessive-compulsive disorder, hopelessness, depression, rage, increased flatulence, heartburn, irritability, frantic esotropia, forgetfulness, false memories, groupthink, spontaneous contrarianism, heightened aggression toward others, scrotal rustling, and hurt butt.”

    Be careful out there this year, bros!

    • Señor Jefe El Rosa

      This is perfect.

      • Waynecro

        Those CDC people really have their shit together.

  • JWEG

    70 albums on my long-list, only OMD overlapped. Twice. That’s it.

    This is not a measure of the others being wrong or even technically just ‘different’. It just seems this year I chose to focus on a very different set of albums than you guys. I expect more overlap with later lists, but not much…

    Only one of my 30 community list suggestions broke 5 votes, and 15 only upvoted by me.

  • KyleJMcBride

    Blood Ceremony – Lord Of Misrule
    Duel – Fears Of The Dead
    Czarface – A Fistful Of Peril
    Witchhelm – Jotunn/Lifted EP
    Witchhelm – Dead Nights Of The Moon Fear
    Pesta – Bring Out Your Dead
    Mars Red Sky – Apex III
    Church Of Misery – And Then There Were None
    Arcana 13 – Danza Macabra
    Beastmaker – Lusus Naturae

    • Señor Jefe El Rosa

      I like this list, a lot.

      • KyleJMcBride

        Lotsa riffs on this here list

  • Major Zim

    GUYS. WE ALL FUCKED UP. I forgot Zeal and Ardor released Devil is Fine this year! EP of the Year at the very least.

  • Old Man Doom

    I’d probably say the pick that surprised me the most and got me stoked to write this list was Hail Spirit Noir. Seriously, check them out if you like your BM weird and surfy.

    • Still trying to figure out if I like it.

    • Zeke

      Thanks for the recommendation. I’m really digging it

  • Leif Bearikson

    @richteryoubastard:disqus your list is just and true. More people need to check out that Haunter album

    • Hey thanks Bearstache. Yours is DEATH AS FUCKK.

      • Leif Bearikson

        This was a heckin good year for death, both in and out of metal