Albums Filtered Through The Prism


How do your favourite albums come out when filtered through the prism?

Do you, like me, love art but are shackled to the confines of mere appreciation due to an excessive case of gumby handedness? Every time you’ve ever tried to express your “artistic side”, the results resemble what would happen if a particularly flabby sumo wrestler sat on a freshly prepared palette and proceeded to violently drag his arse over the canvas like a stray dog suffering an aggressive worm infestation.

Maybe you can draw, but suffer a severe lack of inspiration? You have the skills, but when you try and push something out you end up feeling like a decrepit 73 year old. One who has been force-fed a steady diet of gouda in some kind of twisted Dutch retirement home, thus clogging the only outlet for daily enjoyment, which consisted of dropping a satisfying and unflushed grunt in the communal bingo hall toilet after yet another humiliating defeat at the hands of Ruth and Cecil. Everyone knows those fucks are cheating. Soon they’ll pay.

Either way, I’m sure most of you are also burdened with the curse of the bourgeois. Well, today we get to pretend. Today we can taste a sliver of the sweet satisfaction that comes with artistic expression. Kinda. Ever wonder what it would be like had Fuseli lived long enough to have dabbled in Cubism during the post-Picasso era? What if Paul Romano carved an Escher-esque series of linocuts? Wonder no more. Bruegel through a mosaic? Repka doing anything other than cartoons? This app can take you there.

The electronic world in 2016 is rife with a plethora of apps for all sorts of things, most of which are either inane, user-hostile, merely a vehicle for marketing or just completely fucking useless. Prisma decided to turn the industry on its head by being both easy to use and actually worthwhile, something other companies had not previously considered. Sometime last year I caught wind of the Deep Dream feature which our silicon overlords Google were offering. After seeing a couple of cool examples that reminded me of some of the psychedelic artwork I enjoy critiquing from my fetid throne of ignorance, I decided to make a few for fun. Ever the workhorse, Dubya thought it would be a cool idea to turn our enjoyment into work by throwing some of our favourite album art through the machine and creating an article about it. Turns out Deep Dream took approximately 6 days per image to essentially cover everything with dog’s eyes. Why? Because even a machine can tell doggos and puppers are objectively better than cats. Well, Prisma is quick, and can do much more. Prisma is essentially a bunch of filters that let you replicate some of your favourite styles of art. And I fucking love it.

So when I awoke this morning and showed Joe and Dubs the results of my early experimentation chucking images through the prism, Dubya immediately suggested we try the album covers again, and guess what? It rules. I subsequently spent a few hours trialling different covers with different filters. As you will see, some covers were only conducive to certain filters, and some looked amazing regardless of the filter used. There were of course, some album covers for which nothing could be done to salvage them in any way. However, I won’t post any of those. Well, maybe just one…

d1875fe0bfa520a8aa3c85c433d8254fresNetFinal_8 dc7e696440f5247c7cfaeb5aadffa6fcresNet9_n1

4a69393e886f2471c3de6f0df3003b18resNetFinal_8 7246c782cb468d4219f34d522937d2beresNetFinal_8

5a2974bbfebf613f078e4ac848abd69bresNetFinal_9 5a2974bbfebf613f078e4ac848abd69bk11

898fb4cc39656ad69a5ec123b012dc79resNet8_6 26e7d268e415f1074a18f60a35ff1262resNet9_n1

7720a3592a686fd65b5e285e7636c0f9resNetFinal_8 7720a3592a686fd65b5e285e7636c0f9resNet9_n2

13866844_1625971294381499_1851706811_n 13872561_1625971207714841_1916707051_n

b886033a1f9f260950d64e6f3487eb08k11 2877064d9efbbad2677ee6482be4d06bresNet9_n1

7556262ca6030418febf4528d2161a22resNetFinal_final5 7556262ca6030418febf4528d2161a22resNetFinal_8

b39bb686bcd6faaac23be1231b0be642resNet11_m9 ceace7fdd14a0df79ad87cc50082b28eresNetFinal_9

a8ea9929a1b2fdd42be30b832d705e10resNet9_n1 ee07ea834fa663e9d401fa7886853130resNetFinal_final1

f2a2bbd8d7e4a11a938b06db65d0d4a4k11 b6da59bce27ceae0af26330d738fcaf0resNet7_4

a066efe71fa540e0695b8845184140d8resNetFinal_9 8056ce40ddc27fea04cb54960758a68aresNet10_m7

5ba0716c369328976d31187330f55f31resNetFinal_13 aa25c7cbbcaee0b6d365fa82da3a6dddresNetFinal_8

368deba9c34897ab2a8a3314d464ff5fresNetFinal_9 c1d45945552e32c2ba95818902dca538resNetFinal_8

We even dropped some albums created by Toilet ov Hell community members through the Prism –

6250ec7600b1fa1d1a266dd1f1767b72resNet9_n2 7b0e4a4e06d462827f659f98f891a767resNet11_na

f3007d15ddf4b9d6cfe630bd0484d0e2resNet7_4 7d1774c468e3e3dd85e7728110e59d66resNet7_5

Some album covers were nearly impossible to ruin (click to enlarge) –

2220518b8a4bf2e7fdd6cf810065330dk11 2220518b8a4bf2e7fdd6cf810065330dresNet8_6 2220518b8a4bf2e7fdd6cf810065330dresNet10_m7 2220518b8a4bf2e7fdd6cf810065330dresNetFinal_9

fe5bbfa3e5abee078cc913328cb2ace2resNet8_6 fe5bbfa3e5abee078cc913328cb2ace2resNet9_n3 fe5bbfa3e5abee078cc913328cb2ace2resNet11_nb fe5bbfa3e5abee078cc913328cb2ace2resNetFinal_8

33627f338a4fbaaf6decdaa1a74c3887k11 33627f338a4fbaaf6decdaa1a74c3887resNetFinal_13 33627f338a4fbaaf6decdaa1a74c3887resNet10_m7 33627f338a4fbaaf6decdaa1a74c3887resNetFinal_final5

61f86fa26b61a33350810ad6f9655b22resNet4_6 61f86fa26b61a33350810ad6f9655b22resNet7_4 61f86fa26b61a33350810ad6f9655b22resNet9_n1 61f86fa26b61a33350810ad6f9655b22resNetFinal_8

954a4f3f097ff9055a80b918db4489c6kd 954a4f3f097ff9055a80b918db4489c6resNet9_n1 954a4f3f097ff9055a80b918db4489c6resNet10_nd 954a4f3f097ff9055a80b918db4489c6resNetFinal_14







While others, were just terrible no matter which filter they were fed through (NSFW)-

st__anger___knd_style___by_nubmuh151 Metallica-St.Anger_

(Image viavia, via)

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            Yeah, I’m starting to notice that as well. And which ones work better if you want to keep some of the detail intact

          • Lacertilian

            Earth Rocker might be one of those all-rounders by the looks of it!

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            There are a few that are kinda eh, but for the most part it is working fairly well

  • Apparently MS Paint is not the correct tool for this job?

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    Man, this is super bad ass! Back when I was in college (and you had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get anywhere), we had to had to use Illustrator to trace photos so we could make them look like art from well-known artists. I made a band photo of Emperor look like a Van Gogh painting, and that shit took forever. I bet a bunch of kids these days just use apps. Fuckin’ butt-hurt millennials and their cheater phones!

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