Aevum – Impressions – Lost Soul: A Video Breakdown


Who’s an Aevum? What’s an Aevum?

You ever come across a band and then completely forget how you found them? That’s what I’m going through with Aevum. I have no idea how I found this band. I don’t listen to “Operatic Power Metal” or “Symphonic Opera Metal” or whatever you want to call it. I’m not even sure I can name five bands that fall under that category. I guess Nightwish could be one. I think Therion might be another. Some of them wear corsets, does that count? Does Leaves’ Eyes count or are they Folk Power or something? The point is, I don’t know where I found this band and their video, but I’m really glad I did.


0:09: Davey Havok looks terrible.

0:16: That totally counts as making it to first base for this guy.

0:21: It’s Maureen Ponderosa!

0:27: Everyone, please say hi to Dani Filth‘s dorky younger brother, Julius Filth.

0:32: Hey, it’s one of the extras from “Eyes Wide Shut”

0:41: Shrouded in smoke and darkness. Must be the drummer.

0:46: Did they light this video with their cars’ headlights?

0:50: The instruments are getting more face time than their actual faces. Smart.

0:54: Who let Hobo Hipster in the group? Doesn’t fit with the band at all.

0:56: Now the witch I understand.

1:07: Was this video made in Final Cut Amateur?

1:11: Guh, nothing gets Renaissance Fair paint out!

1:17: Is that…do they have bagpipes?

1:25: I’ll get you, my pretty! EEEHEHEHEHEHE!

1:33: Why is the keyboardist wearing a mask? It’s like he’s embarrassed to be in this band or something.

1:50: It’s hard to be stern-faced when you have those white contact lenses. No one’s buying it.

1:55: I know it’s fast, but the keyboardist licked his face. There’s no joke to be made, I just want to make sure everyone acknowledges it.

2:02: I wonder how Dennis feels about Maureen Ponderosa seeing this other guy.

2:10: Always use protection. You never know if you partner occasionally bleeds from the eyes.

2:11: Or anywhere else.

2:20: Oh, shit. It’s airborne!

2:23: Julius, if you keep screaming like that, you don’t get any ice cream after supper.

2:36: He licked his face again! Did someone smear peanut butter on his nose?

2:43: Yeah, masks. We get it.

2:47: She has some seriously red lips. I wonder how many cherry Tootsie Pops she had to eat.

2:53: The best thing about Hipster Hobo is his top hat. His bindle must be off-screen.

3:01: Julius, for the last time, shave that stupid beard!

3:08: I mean it, Julius!

3:14: I don’t care if the rest of your bandmates have stupid facial hair. You’re a Filth, damn it! Act like it.

3:23: Good thing they have two keyboardists. Otherwise they might sound ridiculous.

3:29: How about a little fire, Scarecrow?

3:37: Tonight, Masked Keyboardist will be played by Japanese wrestling legend Jushin Liger.

3:42: Julius, what did I say about that eyebrow piercing?! Now finish your application for Subway!

3:51: Love that unexpected tempo change.

3:57: YeeeeOOOOWwwWOOWOowooooo

4:04: They really broke the budget with that candelabra and ink well.


4:15: Those shoes!

4:19: Fuck it, I’m outta here.

4:26: Holy shit, credits? The video actually has credits.

4:40: It’s never good when the music played over the advertisement for your album is better than the video you just watched.

Well that was something special. Special as in “Everyone gets a trophy” special. It’s not my thing, but there’s probably a few people out there who would enjoy Aevum. Possibly at a corset shop. Or more likely, a Renaissance Fair.

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  • Edward #RIPNEGROD

    I know it’s fast, but the keyboardist licked his face. There’s no joke to be made, I just want to make sure everyone acknowledges it – lolz

  • God

    If you are a lifelover like me and have the guilty pleasure of enjoying symphonic power metal as much as I do, you can do what I just did and buy their album off bandcamp here:

  • Not even going to lie: I stopped watching the video the second I heard bagpipes. …so like three seconds because I’m in no mood for bagpipes and possibly close-minded as fuck.

    • God

      bagpipes is kvlt.

    • Hubert, Goat ov Doom (and Void

      Neurosis use bagpipes at times. You’re not saying something bad about Neurosis are you?

      • VV.

        Neurosis are an example of how to use bagpipes most excellently.

      • I suppose it could logically follow that I indeed am…

    • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

      Lol Jay. My wife hates bagpipes. I actually tear up every time I hear them…

  • Tyree
  • Tom Waits For Death

    Some of you may revel in the reveal of Steven Wilson’s Hand.Cannot.Erase album’s art and tracklist

  • Elite Extremöphile

    These are the kind of bands that power metal bands can pick on for being too over the top.

    • God

      Thats exactly how I like my power metal.

    • Hubert, Goat ov Doom (and Void

      That’s like saying that your food tastes too good.

      • Elite Extremöphile

        It’s like wanting cheese on top of your cheese.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    there are drone distortion aspects –that bagpipes have the potential to provide to heavyness00—also bowed distortion guitars (non jimmy page influence_–as successor to traditional string elements of symphonic music

    • Gvacamole Jim

      But what about the communist influences on Scotland?


      No animals mating, 0 stars.

    • KJM

      True, but that’s a bit different than just straight up bagpipes. I imagine this is a good example of what you’re talking about.

  • Akercocke ov Steele

    Yup, still not in to Power Opera.

  • KJM

    Just can’t hang with Symphonic Metal.

  • Tom Waits For Death

    I enjoyed the breakdown far more than the music. Also you should do one of these outta WÖYH!


    I fucking love power/symphonic stuff, so when I saw the post I was all like, “Ok maybe the video is horrible, and the song is great!” And then I was like “Oh Noes, this is turble.”

  • In other news, I got bored and went to The Chive, and got 200+ comments on my Mila Kunis without makeup comment. Vote for me and let’s break 300, and yes, you’ll get some yucks from it!

  • GL

    “I won’t bring no material in the after life
    Take no possessions, I would rather travel light
    I’m of this kind that kills all day
    But I don’t know yet how to die

    Art of dying, is the way to let all go
    Within I practice in the secret of my soul. ”

    I fucking love Gojira.

    What are your favorite lyrics?


    • God

      “Dim my lights
      Time is frail
      You shut my mind
      But oh well
      Trapped and choked
      Erased my trail
      Split the chest
      My heart couldn’t feel more pale
      Only once
      Could I see clear

      Internal void
      My dreams are getting darker and darker
      And darker

      This life before me
      Its blood runs so still
      The call of the bird
      The song that makes the hours go

      The change
      Dead letters
      Form these words

      Dim my lights
      One by one
      The sordid pale
      Broken run

      Confined in escape
      On burnt grass
      Below the crest
      Lie in wait for the ending

      Songs that make the hours go”

      Katatonia: Dead Letters

      • GL

        Nice. Are they your favorite lyrics because of the message? Or because of the way you feel when listening to them?


        • God

          No joke, Katatonia always gives me goosebumps. I dont know why but I think they make beautiful music.

          • GL

            But for these lyrics, are the goosebumps caused by the meaning of the lyrics or the presentation of the lyrics?


          • God

            presentation for sure.

      • ugh.. this song.. I’m not a depressive/ultra sadness person but the Katatonia brings the exactly melancholy that I love.. Some lyrical topics of their albums are too much for me, but the general vibe of their music is so varied that I feel like home listening the few records i’ve heard of their.

        This songs 4:11 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • i fucking love gojira, and i fucking love you. i don’t care about lyrics though.

      • GL



        But srs, I love those lyrics. I do not typically pay attention to them, but they caught me so off gaurd ( in 2008) that I have not been the same since.


      • Lacertilian

        duka duka duka DAH duka duka duka DUH DUH DAH

    • Favorite line of the year. It’s super ignorant.

      I’m at a crossroad
      Where you choose
      You either fight
      Or you lose
      Refuse to let my life be reduced to rubble
      When the shit keep piling up
      Get a shovel

      • GL

        “When the shit keep piling up, Get a shovel”

        F Yeah!

    • TheCheezFace

      I turn the cross upside down
      Satanic bible with fucking grown
      My life begins at midnight twelve
      Masturbate to kill myself

      Sodom – Blasphemer

    • Tom Waits For Death

      Not my all time favorite, but one from recent times

      Like a leaf that has lost all direction
      Cast aside by the cold Autumn wind
      I stare at the endless horizon,
      And try to forget where I have been
      Too proud to beg your forgiveness
      I still whisper your name
      Too late to admit I’m still sinking
      I measure the cost of my shame

      Lord Vicar – Endless November

    • Hubert, Goat ov Doom (and Void

      Been listening to some Swans, some fucked up lyrics in that.

      I don’t feel pain
      I never escape
      I’m under the bed
      I’m licking the floor
      I never dream
      This isn’t real
      Not real
      Not real
      You know everything
      I forgot how to breathe
      You’re touching my chest
      When I’m touched I bleed
      I never dream
      This isn’t real
      Not real
      Not real


    • Tom Waits For Death

      Oh here’s another one from recent memory

      Let me fall out the window
      With confetti in my hair
      Deal out jacks or better
      On a blanket by the stairs
      I’ll tell you all my secrets
      But I lie about my past
      So send me off to bed forever more.

      • GL

        ” I’ll tell you all my secrets, But I lie about my past ”

        Dang man, deep


        • Tom Waits For Death

          It’s that particular part that always grabs my attention and forces a slight lump to my throat.

          • GL

            How trve it is! Right?


      • Stockhausen

        Tango ‘Til They’re Sore. Classic.

      • Stockhausen

        I like my town with a little drop of poison
        Nobody knows they’re lining up to go insane
        I’m all alone, I smoke my friends down to the filter
        But I feel much cleaner after it rains
        And she left in the fall, that’s her picture on the wall
        She always had that little drop of poison

        • Tom Waits For Death

          There’s more to pick than I can type.

    • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff



      Suttung fulgte hakk i hel
      Odin kicka assen hans
      Suttung leve ei mer lenger
      Me har all den mjød me treng
      Full av all dis galskap

      love that shit…

    • ChuggaChuggaDeedleyDoo

      Because you know

      I’m all about that bass

      ‘Bout that bass, no treble

      I’m all about that bass

      ‘Bout that bass, no treble

      I’m all about that bass

      ‘Bout that bass, no treble

      I’m all about that bass

      ‘Bout that bass

      –Bob Dylan

    • Stockhausen

      Well they call me William the Pleaser
      I sold opium, fireworks, and lead
      Now I’m telling my troubles to strangers
      When the shadows get long I’ll be dead
      When I kick at the clouds at my hanging
      As I swing out over the crowd
      I will search every face for Lucinda
      And she’ll go off with me down to hell

    • Xan

      When we’re young, we design a plan,
      We work, we build, we make it real
      And in the moment it becomes complete,
      The first cracks start to appear
      A weak foundation, finally revealed
      in the desperation, when the walls came tumbling down

      – Woods of Ypres

    • J.R.

      And though I’ve seen her aflame in the sun,
      just as I have in the gloom of the rain,
      and as I have in dead winter days,
      her beauty abides in all her shades.

      -Thrawsunblat: She, Arboreal

      Good thing they did an acoustic version. I tried serenading my lady with the original. She is not kvlt or trve of bröötal at all. It did not go as planned.

    • Lacertilian

      Not necessarily my favourite of all time but I like these alot.

      Only when I speak to myself
      Is when the real
      Substantial conversations
      Flow together
      Words travel gently off my tongue
      I leave myself speechless
      Thoughts die horribly in my mind
      I retreat to nowhere
      To understand, I destroy myself
      These scars are here to stay
      Understand the rules
      You could have taught me a lesson
      In believing these lies
      You would have tortured me longer
      Just to watch me die
      Silence is a friendly
      Handshake from an old friend
      Someone I confide in
      When I need a hand
      Doesn’t exist like it used too

      ‘Silence’ – A Life Once Lost

  • jajajajaja, that “Stranger Danger” catchprhase will be used in #Venezuela when you see a thug in a motorcycle coming at you gun in hand to rob you like a mo’fo..

    Also.. The licking keyboardist and the Hobo Hipster are good material to continue a sitcom..

    Great job there, Filmer Zombie 😀 you made me laugh a lot..

    pd: awful song *flush*

  • Tom Waits For Death

    By the way Marduk called and came by to drop a new song some four day ago!

  • tertius_decimus
    • Stockhausen

      I support this statement.

      • GL

        Well that was unexpected!


        • Stockhausen


          • stocky wins the internet yet again!

          • Stockhausen

            Oh my! I didn’t even prepare a speech!

    • thanks; this is some trill rocket shit! BTW, nice to meet you

      • tertius_decimus


  • JWG

    One of the ladies from Mares of Thrace once referred to the majority of both symphonic and gothic metal, collectively, as “corset-core”.

    That stuck with me as a perfect shorthand for when a band in either genre have an attractive lady vocalist for the sake of having an attractive lady vocalist (such as how I felt about Sirenia’s latest until she redeemed herself massively with Perils of the Deep Blue).

    But as a fan of both subgenres more often than not I don’t apply it indiscriminately. Though I could…

  • Stockhausen

    Hahahahahahaha this is terrible. Excellent analysis, as always.

  • Xan

    Julius Filth is going to be my new name in a band. I might change “Filth” to “Philth” to be edgy. As for this song, it’s alright. I don’t really like it or hate it.