Absolute Contempt and Cloud Rat Want You to Support the Kittehs


Back in January, I reported that our friend Daniel Z’s grind label Absolute Contempt Records was hosting a fundraiser to help a cat rescue effort in Egypt. Absolute Contempt is upping the ante with a new effort to benefit two cat rescues in Peru. Thankfully, the label is busting out the big guns to help those kitties in the form of eminent grinders Cloud Rat’s full discography.

Absolute Contempt made the announcement of the rescue effort and distribution of the Clout Rat discography via Facebook.

So how much will that excellent Cloud Rat discography run you? Just $7 for a digital copy or $12 for a limited edition CD. That’s stupid cheap. You’d have to be crazy not to want to buy 77 tracks from one of the most heartfelt bands in grind for that price.

If your heart is still made of stone, perhaps the enticing offer of ALL of Absolute Contempt’s releases for just $12.85 will move you. For that low low price, you’ll get releases from:

So what are you waiting for? Open your wallet! Let’s rescue some kittens.

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  • Lacertilian

    The header image alone should be enough to warrant a donation (for those that can afford it).


    Pugs 4 Cats

    • Dubs

      I was very intrigued by this gif when I first saw it. Apparently the cat is mistaking part of the dog’s ear for a nipple and is attempting to milk the dog.

      • Edward/Breegrodamus™

        Young cats do that with blankets all the time.

        • Ted Nü-Djent ™

          And penises… or so I’ve been told

      • Odd, anyways. That dog is in a state of complete bliss.

      • Warheart

        Actually, it shows how much the cat loves the dog, what you say has it’s share of truth though, they learn that behaviour in their early stages of lactation, and keep it with them all their life, so basically when a cat is comfortable, does this with blankets, pillows, even persons.

        • Dubs


    • CyberneticOrganism


  • Hail Absolute Contempt Records for this initiative!

  • Story:

    We have an outdoor cat that showed up last spring as a kitten. She is pretty cool. Surprisingly she was not knocked up last fall and thus she has not had kittens yet. So anyway. There is this huge mangy tom cat that keeps slinking around… in the morning… in the evening. All the time. I have been afraid that big goofy bastard is going lay seed to our cat. So, I have been shooing him off. So two weeks ago I had my chance – THIS CAT WAS GOING TO GET IT. I walked out onto the porch and there he is… straight going at it with our outdoor cat. I was disappointed.

    The end.



      sounds like the story your baby momma tells her friends about your kiddo

    • TrickleDownOvTacoKvltRiff

      Say baby do you wanna lay down by me?

      Say baby do you wanna lay down by my side?

      Ah baby do you wanna lay down with me?

      Say Baby

      Say Baby

  • Simon PhoenixKing Rising

    Donate so you can get this kitteh a better color sock.

    • This is a kitty that I would call, “A Cute Kitty”.


  • I love that people are showing these little babies some attention, because everyone seems to care about dogs not cats.

    i do wish this was supporting cat rescues in the States, though, where overpopulation and animal cruelty is just as rampant.

    here is a local cat rescue in the mountains, i wish i had enough money to fund both their shelters forever:

    • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

      We have PETA’s headquarters over here, and their shelters here are more or less like concentration camps. If we have to get rid of any animals, and we have before, it’s definitely SPCA at that point.

    • Daniel Zambrano

      Hi, this is a special fundraiser for those two rescues because they are facing hard times but pretty much all the money that the label makes goes to cat rescues. Primarily I donate to Misfit Critter Farm in WV, Center Street Cats in OR, The Humane Society of The United States, The World’s Greatest Cat House in FL, Alley Cat Allies in CA, and various private fundraisers. I also volunteer with the Cat Network here in Miami and while I will be donating the proceeds from this to those two specific, know that I will also continue to donate to the rescues in the U.S.

      • that’s dedication. thank you!

      • i wasnt trying to denegrate what you were doing, as i appreciate it

        • Daniel Zambrano

          oh, I didn’t take it like that, just wanted to clear up that I do try and help here as well.

      • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

        Upvote for the cause, and double upvote (if that were possible) for the Naglfar avi!

  • Shrimp in a Pizza Box

    Cloud Rat rips! Really like this initiative, even though cats may not be my favourite animals. Just today this ginger asshole snuck into my house when I was walking my dog, I came back to him jumping out the door like he was fuckin Batman. Surprised it didn’t break anything.

  • Seems like the perfect time to grab some Cloud Rat. Never got to listen to them as much as I would’ve liked. 77 tracks for 7 duckets is a steal.

    • Edward/Breegrodamus™

      They were pretty good live.

      • They played with Pig Destroyer last month and it sold out before I could get tickets.

        • Edward/Breegrodamus™

          Bummer, it would be tight to see PD live.

          • Wasn’t a total loss, I’ve seen them many times. Would’ve stung a little if I had never seen them before.

  • Cloud Cat.

  • Janitor Jim Duggan


  • Boss theSpeedMetalBastard Ross

    Sure, why not!

  • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

    IIRC, there was a post about this last year. Good cause, and might break open my wallet for this one when my budget allows. #ProudCatOwner

    • Dubs

      “Back in January, I reported that our friend Daniel Z’s grind label Absolute Contempt Records was hosting a fundraiser to help a cat rescue effort in Egypt.”

      • Owlswald


      • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

        Whoops, kinda skimmed through it (plus sleepy).


        • Edward/Breegrodamus™
          • Owlswald

            One of the best movies of all time.

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            Yup! Sadly, he doesn’t do movies very often, but when he does, he hits the mark. Every. Single. Time.

          • Owlswald

            He’s almost guaranteed an Oscar with every movie

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            He’s the male Meryl Streep, essentially.

      • So what do you think of the new song, Dubs?

        • Dubs

          Not good, GL. Not good.

          • Owlswald

            Have we reached critical mass on Gojira? The intro was cool but the song is boring as fuck.

          • Dubs

            I am prepared for this outcome.

          • Owlswald

            At least they’re still an amazing live band… I think.

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            Indeed they are!

          • Stanley

            One of the best live bands I seen.

          • Dubs

            Is this a non-sarcastic comment?

          • Edward/Breegrodamus™

            Guessing so.

          • Stanley

            Not sarcastic. Have you seen them? They are immense.

          • Dubs

            I have! And I enjoyed them. Just not something I expected you to say, is all.

          • Stanley

            I like Gojira. I even have a hoodie. 🙂

            I think I submitted a Gojira riff of the week once upon a time.

            That new song though….

          • Dubs

            Did you really? Man, I totally missed that.

            Humorous anecdote: I tried to import a Gojira hoodie back in 2008 or 2009. I placed my order in September, and in December I finally received an email that my order had been placed and shipped. When it finally arrived in January, what I found was a zip-up hoodie with a totally different design than what I ordered. That experience made me dubious of importing stuff from international bands for a while.

          • Stanley

            My Gojira hoodie is the only item of metal clothing that I get comments on. Even walking around Whole Foods. I guess it’s also the only item that has legible writing. I hate ordering clothing online as it invariably never fits properly. Your anecdote is another reason to not order online.

          • Dubs

            Being a thin dude, I have to be pretty careful with shirts, as whether I wear a S or M really depends on the brand/manufacturer. I don’t really do much online clothes shopping anymore unless I know how a certain brand fits beforehand.

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            You obviously haven’t got/been sporting a TOH shirt, then! I’ve gotten some very “WTF?!” comments on it at the grocery store, and a couple “does that really say Toilet Ov Hell?” comments out in public.

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            Yep! They play like one very tight, controlled organism live.

          • Saw them once, their drummer was the most exciting part of their set I thought.

          • Dubs

            I know you aren’t a fan, and that’s okay, but I think we can agree their drummer is quite impressive.

          • Yeah, dude was certainly bringing it.

          • Well, their rhythmic base is def a highlight.

            The bass-drums combo on that band is pretty tight, I think.

          • Owlswald

            Their drummer is awesome. Their sound is huge live and has incredible energy. It reminds me of some of the older Sepultura live tracks (e.g. Under a Pale Gray Sky)

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            It’s not terrible, but it’s pretty bland, and sounds like they’re edging more and more towards being radio friendly. I’ll still check out the whole CD, but my expectations are pretty low.

          • Count_Breznak

            As Im not tired of bringing up: Gojira peaked with The Link.

            And just like the movies: Gigan was always way more awesome.

          • Hmmm. JJM thought the same when I txted him this morning.

            I was impressed. But, that is just me.

          • Stanley

            Give us a mini-song review, GL.

          • Vocals: Classic. Joe kills them.
            Drums: Simple and non-masturbatory. Complement the song when needed and does so well (the tambourine sound could disappear if you ask me)
            Guitars: Grooving. No solos, which is typical. Must like in their previous efforts the guitars only do exactly what they need too, nothing more.
            Bass: “bum, bum, bum, bum dee bum dee bum bum”
            Tone: Neat, not supersaturated. Concise.

            Overall the song flows, repeats back on itself as necessary (and does so well). I think people are getting hung up on the pre-chorus riffing/groove as well as the chorus groove. The cleans vocals are different. I cannot for the life of me figure out what they are saying.

            The video is meh. Having listened to the track 10 times or so, the audio stands along by itself much better than with the video.

            I am not writing this to change minds. 90% of you were not fans in the first place.


          • Stanley

            Thanks. This synopsis is factually correct. Unfortunately, the tune is very, very meh.

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            I’m a longtime fan (plus seen them live), but it was meh. Very very meh.

          • It sounds like Godsmack.

          • oh no you didn’t.

          • I did and I’d do it again. That’s some radio rock ish, GL.

          • 🙁

            But what about the whales?

            I am going to go find them…

          • Dubs

            Joe’s right. His years of listening to knuckledragging swill have especially equipped him to sense radio rock.

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            *as you cock your head to the side and wave your finger in the air all sassy like*

          • Lisa Ling: Devourer Of Souls

            Wow…………… just wow. It’s not THAT bad!

          • He’s… Awake.

          • I have a sudden desire to join the military now.

  • Dave Vincent’s Perm

    When I was about six I stroked the neighbour’s cat and it scratched all down my hand. It was metal as fuck. I will always remember that little furry bastard.

  • Óðinn
  • Waynecro

    Thanks for giving us the heads-up about this, W.