October, 2016

  • A Children’s Treasury of “Down with the Sickness” Vines

    Vine, the 6-second long video app, is getting shut down. This is a shame for a number of reasons, not least of which, we will miss out on future installments of teenagers enjoying the one metal song they can recognize that was released this century: Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness”.  Join me as I get down with the sickness, 6 seconds at a time. Oh wah ah ah ah.

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    October 28, 2016 • Lolbuttz • Views: 1073

  • Mini-Reviews from Around the Bowl: 10/27/2016

    Small brains get small amounts information. I read that in some book but I forgot which one. Read up on Stench PriceKyy, L’Homme AbsurdeKorn, Queen Elephantine, SkylinerDethbeds and Solution .45.
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    October 27, 2016 • Opinion, Reviews • Views: 1177

  • Ulcerate vs. Setentia: The Battle for the New Zealand Crown of Dissonant Death

    After years of silence, Ulcerate, the uncontested heavyweight champion of New Zealand dissonant death is back with a brand new album. Oppressively heavy and disorientingly complex, Shrines of Paralysis is poised to keep the champ at the top of bracket, but it looks like a new dark horse contender is gunning for the title. Setentia is a hungry and vicious new fighter that wants a shot at glory and has been steadily leaving a trail of broken bones and bruised egos in the wake of its upcoming release Darkness Transcend. Today we pit the grizzled king against the virulent usurper. Only one will stand.

    Welcome to the Toilet ov Hell in a Cell Championship Match. Two bands enter, but only one band leaves.

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    October 27, 2016 • Reviews • Views: 1991

  • Theologian & Lament Cityscape Collaborate on Soft Tissue

    When you woke up this morning, the first word out of your mouth was not a groggy, prolonged “Fuck.” You did not wish to plunge immediately back into a dreamless sleep. The oatmeal you shove down your gullet every morning didn’t remind you particularly of wet cement this time. A cute neighbor smiled and waved to you on your way out the door. The sun was already up and this did not offend you; in fact, that white-hot hole in the sky didn’t even look especially cancerous; you would have dared to say it looked “cheerful”. Your commute to work was traffic-free. The coffee you bought at the gas station did not taste like brown water, was not dangerously hot, and you did not spill it all over yourself while juggling all the shit in your hands to enter your place of employment using your key-card. Things are looking up today.

    Let’s see if we can’t do a little something about that. Like-minded acts Theologian and Lament Cityscape have joined forces to disarm you of your optimism and remind you that everything will always suck balls forever. Disagree? Just press play on their new collaborative record, Soft Tissue. Continue Reading

    October 27, 2016 • Metal, Reviews • Views: 713

  • Tech Death Thursday: Azooma

    Our latest offering is both savage and strange. Check out the newest from Azooma! Continue Reading

    October 27, 2016 • Tech-Death Thursday • Views: 904

  • Kayla Dixon Of Witch Mountain on Lyrics, Theater and the Importance Of Live Music

    Kayla Dixon of Witch Mountain may not be into going whoring, but she can write some top notch lyrics. Fresh off her premier release with the Portland doom outfit, she graced the stage at Psycho Las Vegas with an absolutely stunning performance. She is a woman who has been through quite a lot in her twenty-one years, and it was a pleasure to get to pick her brain and find out more about the mind behind one of doom’s most prominent modern forces.

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    October 26, 2016 • Interviews • Views: 634

  • Win Sarcoptes Songs and Dances of Death on Cassette!

    Fellas, if you wanna thrash in your 1997 Geo Metro, you better get in here and give me your best caption for Sarcoptes‘ album art.

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    October 26, 2016 • New Stuff • Views: 865

  • Bump N’ Grind: Kaiju Bump, Kaiju Grind

    Normally, this is where the Mighty Dubya or Sir Ron Deuce start telling you about the low down in grind. But not today! You’re stuck with me and I’m here to bring you some Kaiju inspired beats and some Kaiju inspired riffs. Here at the Toilet we love our classic monster movies with a purple passion but we can’t always combine that with our love of music. Lucky for you, I have found two artists that did just that! And from different genres of music, no less.

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    October 26, 2016 • Bump n' Grind • Views: 678

  • Jack Chick, Satan Enthusiast, Has Died

    Jack Chick, a complete and total religious weirdo, died this week at the ripe old age of 92. In his time on Earth, he created hundreds of Christian morality cartoons (known as “Chick Tracts”) that revealed him as a man that was depraved, morbid, and above all else, totally obsessed with the Dark Lord. Let’s enjoy some of his greatest hits.

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    October 26, 2016 • Nerd Shit • Views: 2592

  • The Porcelain Throne: Atrox

    In which Norwegian freaks Atrox are granted the honor of popping a squat upon the highest, cleanest, pearly-whitest toilet in the land, so that they might release the terrible pressure in their bowels. May they find gastro-intestinal peace and glory in the halls of Porcelain Thronery for all time!

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    October 25, 2016 • Discography, Metal, The Porcelain Throne • Views: 804