March, 2016

  • Review: Cobalt- Slow Forever

    It’s been seven years since the release of seminal American extreme metal two-piece Cobalt‘s last album, and that time off certainly hasn’t been without turmoil for remaining member Erik Wunder, who had to give the boot to his vocalist Phil McSorley, or current vocalist Charlie Fell (who was axed from his own band Lord Mantis). If one fishes, they can certainly find all the tabloid information they want. But for this writer, the most intriguing question becomes, how will the music stand up in spite of the drama and enormous expectations? Continue Reading

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  • This Toilet Tuesday (3/29/16)

    Greetings, flushers, and welcome to Toilet Tuesday! This week marks the start of April, which looks to be nothing short of amazing for metal this year. A handful of those are coming already, and Jom Pootersan, W, and I have picked a select few you shouldn’t miss. Cast your ears on them first, and then your eyes on that list below. Continue Reading

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  • Rockstar Frame – Cherry Boobs: A Video Breakdown

    Watermelon butt. Continue Reading

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  • Washington Think Tank: What’s Your Favorite Lyrical Subject?

    Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. These three lyrical topics are the foundations of rock-based music, but if we peer a bit beneath the surface, we’ll find a particularly rich cornucopia of different subjects, especially in metal. From war to suicide to zombies to religion to industrialization to elves to quantum singularities and everywhere in between, there is no lyrical stone left unturned in metal. Though many of these topics are partitioned within specific subgenres, anyone who truly wants to find a specific lyrical topic within a specific subgenre can surely do so. Today’s Think Tank is a celebration of this rich diversity that’s there to be found should you seek it. The world thinks we only listen to music about death and violence. Let’s prove them wrong.
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  • Review: Nucleus – Sentient

    Strange things are afoot in the death metal underground, my friends. Well below the surface where brutality and gore reign supreme, perhaps just to the left of Eil’udom where the Typhlodians keep Chthe’ilist locked away, there’s a lab marked “Top Secret” where the likes of Demilich, Adramelech, Timeghoul and perhaps even Suffocation have been mutating their sounds and combining them with the best science fiction on tap. The door has been opened and the beast has been unleashed. Its name is Nucleus and it wants to throw you into a black hole. Continue Reading

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  • Radio Toilet ov Hell Episode 2 – Featuring David of Hadean

    In the latest edition of Radio Toilet ov Hell, we’re listening to siqq new jams from Rapid Terrör and Interment, shooting the breeze with David from Hadean about his upcoming project with Ehnahre, making fun of Romantic, and revisiting a great album from last year with Anicon.

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  • Happy Beasterday!

    Ah, Easter.  A truly magical time where we all get to celebrate the resurrection of our lord and savior as a giant rabbit man who lays eggs that will immediately rapture those who discover them hidden within the bushes… or something. Look, Easter has many different meanings to many different people, but one thing I think we can agree upon about this holiday is that it is criminally underrepresented in the wonderful horror subgenre of “holiday themed slashers.” Saint Patrick’s Day is represented better and all it has to show are the Leprechaun movies! Thankfully, someone out there is doing God’s work (ba-dum-tiss!) and giving us a rabbit themed murder opus: Beasterday Continue Reading

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  • Riff of the Week: 3/26/2016


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  • Flush it Friday: An Open Letter to Red Plum

    Dear sirs,

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  • Phone Stains: 1-900-Luv-Jeez

    Saviors are waiting to hear your prayers. Call now! Continue Reading

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