April, 2015

  • 2015 First Quarter Review: The Top 5 Albums From Around The Bowl

    2015 is already shaping up to compete with the absurd amount of quality released over the last two years. Edward, the last two years were crazy with new releases! Continue Reading

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  • Tech Death Thursday: Serdce

    We have sort of a good news/bad news situation here. Your normal TDT host, Jack Bauer, actually ended terrorism last week, which was pretty great. But then he got really bored, so he went undercover, established a new country entirely, manipulated the populace to adopt a corrupt ruling system, went even more undercover, started a new branch of terrorists to oppose that system and the rest of the world, and then silently stepped out and began the hunt anew. He’s got a lot on his hands, obviously, so your old pal Stockhausen is stepping in for the time being. Let’s point our faces at Serdce, guys. Continue Reading

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  • One Man Madness Vol. I: Cal Scott

    Ahh, the thrill of musical collaboration. When a band is a well-oiled machine, the results can become more than the sum of their parts. There is a special satisfaction when that riff you just couldn’t finish finds finality in the hands of a fellow musician. But of course, there are also disparate opinions to deal with. Sometimes, creative forces can’t quite meet in the middle. Or maybe the product is brilliant, but the players can’t stand each other. Even more basic, a musician may simply be alone; bursting with brilliant ideas but adrift in a void that simply doesn’t share the vision. Some may linger in that uncreative limbo, but there are those who dive into solitude and craft their own vision from that empty landscape. To these individuals, that vision has no limit. Free from the constraints of others, they are able to wear whatever mask they please and create multiple musical entities. Join me as we kick off this series by exploring the music of Cal Scott, a solo artist from Scotland whose twisted, mechanical vision can’t be contained in a single project. Continue Reading

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  • Mini-Reviews from Around the Toilet Bowl VII

    It’s back again. We gather ’round the swirling shitvortex for the 7th time, to take part in the 7th edition of Mini-Reviews from Around the Toilet Bowl – a writer’s favorite wherein we review a large-ish quantity of music with a small-ish quantity of words. If you’re like me, it’s enough music to distract you from your debilitating depression for another week! Hold on to your pants! Continue Reading

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  • Dischordia, Tovarish, SCAB, and Maeth Unleash New Music

    We here in the Toilet ov Family like to take care of our own. That’s the motivation behind our little Interview with the Devil series. We want to make sure that the talented lads and lasses that reside in this hallowed bowl get the attention they deserve. So it is with great pleasure that we’re flaunting not one, not two, not three, but four excellent releases from some our best pals. Get the scoop on new jamz by DischordiaTovarish, SCAB, and Maeth!

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  • Label Roundup: Sentient Ruin Laboratories

    Before we get started, I’d like to thank W. for inviting me to write my first post, and Joe for graciously agreeing to let me use his toilet as my megaphone.

    And now that we’ve gotten the mushy stuff out of the way, let’s talk about Sentient Ruin, because Sentient Ruin rules ass. The label was initially started in 2012 as a way for the Oakland sludge band Abstracter to self-release their material and experiment with DIY. From there it grew into one of the more diverse boutique labels around, boasting a small but formidable lineup of grind, crust, sludge, death and noise bands from all over the world. With only 11 releases since its inception, Sentient Ruin has made the wise choice to focus on quality rather than muddy the waters with mediocrity for the sake of quantity. What we’re left with, then, is a small case of shining jewels where you could just as easily find a warehouse of barely sift-worthy roughage.

    So let’s get cracking with our loupes and examine the goods, shall we?

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