October, 2014

  • Slipknot – .5: The Scary Skeleton Chapter

    [Joe Note: Did Lamb of God design this image, Jimmy??]

    I like Slipknot. In high school I thought their self-titled was a game-changer. In college I purchased IOWA on the day of release and struggled to like it as much as the first one (side note: in the IOWA booklet it says that the numerical value of PI equals 22/7… this is not correct). After college I purchased Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses and to this day I still consider it to be in the top 20 metal albums of all time (I remember a feature article in Rolling Stone in which Corey Taylor admitted that Vol. 3 would be Pink Floyd-ish in nature…he wasn’t entirely incorrect). During my first post-college job, I gave All Hope Is Gone an honest listen and found it to be Stone Sour; three good songs, the rest were pure toilet fodder.

    I want to review this album as a Slipknot “fan”, or at least somebody who still respects their back catalog, regardless of relevancy. If we can all agree on one thing, it’s that every individual member of Slipknot (guitars, bass, drums, vocals) is VERY talented. I don’t care if it hurts you to listen to some of their material, those musicians be talented. Oh yeah, and there are those other guys in the band who do nothing and collect portions of revenue! We won’t talk about them. So Slipknot is here to re-assure the metal world that they’re still amazing and relevant. *Clears throat*, sorry about that. These fellows are older than I am (33). Can they prove to the modern metal world that Slipknot is something that we all desire?

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  • BDubs Bro Attends a Halloween Party

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  • Fvcking the Dead at Bandcamp

    This Friday there is only death, blasphemy, and brutality! We are all going to enter the void together and tear each other apart as we fucking burn in hellfire. Let us begin this fucking hellish journey starting now. START DYING FAST!!!!

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  • Horror Movies and Heavy Metal: Black Roses

    Heavy metal is the Devil’s music, right? I mean, that’s why the world has been plunged into a thousand years of darkness ever since the release of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”. Oh, wait. That didn’t happen did it? Continue Reading

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  • All Your Coffee Belongs to Us! — A Review of Z2

    Greetings toilet dwellers. ChuggaChuggaDeedleyDoo here — notorious gear whore and intermittent ToH commenter/contributor. Luckily, I’ve had the privilege of handling the ToH review for Z2, Devin Townsend’s sequel to his 2007 concept album, Ziltoid the Omniscient.  I listened to Ziltoid the Omniscient (which I’ll refer to as “Z1”) in its entirety immediately before listening to Z2, so this review, for the most part, is a comparison between these two albums.

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  • Soundtrack To Your Annihilation III: The None More Black Edition

    Greetings and salutations. An enthusiastic hello to readers and fans of the Toilet Ov Hell, our community, and all reptiles still successfully passing as human beings. Welcome back to Soundtrack To Your Annihilation, a series that at least three people have claimed to be excited about. We covered Cryptopsy’s None So Vile, Indian’s Guiltless, and Portal’s Swarth in two previous installments. In a series that promises to get progressively weirder, darker, more brutal, and more difficult, we must venture forward; specifically downward. Allow your perception to darken. Allow the lens through which you view the world to cloud over with a dense, black fog. Perhaps you thought placing Portal’s Swarth in the second installment was some kind of error. How much further could this series go? Consider hitting rock bottom and asking for a shovel, or digging your own grave at the barrel of a gun. Continue Reading

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  • Washington Think Tank with W.: What is your favorite monster, and what metal does it inspire?

    All Hallow’s Eve is upon us. Last week we celebrated the most diabolical of seasons with a soundtrack fit to make even the hardiest among you quake in fear. This week, I’ve recruited my good pal Scrimm to help me tackle another devious topic relating to the blackest of all holidays. This week you’ll undoubtedly see an unending host of ghoulish visages both in the horror movies you use to scare your partner and on the faces of the younglings that come to your door for candy. However, there are certain monsters that hold special places of terror and adoration in each of our minds, whether that’s due to a poignant childhood memory or an utterly spine-tingling novel. Toilet friends, let’s talk about our favorite monsters and the metal sacrificed at the altars of those abominations.

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  • Tech Death Thursday: Henker

    Prepare to be pulverized.

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  • Nerd Culture and Guacamole Rage

    Have you ever experienced the excitement of rolling a critical hit? Do you vehemently defend Spock over any other Star Trek character? (If you don’t, you’re a dumbass) Have you stopped going to comic-con because it was too crowded?

    Wait, what . . . ?

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  • Review: Bloodshot Dawn – Demons

    Get in here and learn about the album that usurped Archspire‘s throne on Jack Bauer’s album of the year list!

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