12 Instagram Accounts For Metalheads


Instagram is huge. Back in 2012, it was sold to the almighty Facebook for a billi. Not for no reason, obviously – as of last year, more than 300 million users were active on a monthly basis, and the site keeps growing. Metalheads, however, do not seem very fond of the app. Trust me on this, there’s more to Instagram than selfies, belfies and thirst traps.

I have selected a few accounts that provide quality content for a metal crowd. Consider these your reasons to join the site and share pictures of your own, or at least just lurk through the coolness.



I am a collector of treasures from the past, although I love anything and everything made before I was born, my true obsession is vintage T shirts.

Some of these t-shirts are glorious 80s treasures, like killer Maiden, Priest, Metallica and Black Flag merch. Others are just really fucking cool. Get your vintage gear fix right here.



🏄SK8/Canon 5D Mark III/Fuji EX-2/Author-Dark Days, out 7.14.15-DaCapo/Random House/Writer-thetalkhouse.com. For band comments & ?’s go to:@lambofgod www.darkdaysbook.tumblr.com

I’m gonna be honest with you – I am barely familiar with Lamb of God‘s discography. They hit it big at a time when I was hardly listening to current metal at all, and I never quite caught up with them. Their vocalist Randy Blythe, on the other hand, helms an amazing Instagram account. He truly has a talent for photography, not only for concert footage but also poignant shots in both black & white and color.



I provide Handyman and Mover services in the Los Angeles area . Deliveries , Home Decor, Hauling , Moving, etc….THEHEAVYMETALHANDYMAN@gmail.com www.facebook.com/heaveymetalhandymanandhaul

Who is this dude? I have no idea, but if anyone is out there living a metal life, it’s him! Apparently he provides handyman/moving services in the LA area when he’s not busy travelling through Asia and snapping amazing pictures. FFO: dudes who look like they could be you drummer, alien abduction, nice looking ladies (NSFW), living vicariously through others, dogs, etc.



MONSTERS METAL AND MADNESS Forever Weird. Father. Retired Loose Cannon. Personal @Steve_wrong

#MartinVanDrunen #Pestilence

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This is one of my most recent finds. The account specializes in horror and metal nostalgia. Any site where I can see pictures of a young Martin Van Drunen or weird as fuck clips mashing up OSDM and filmes de terror is alright in my book. There is A TON of NSFW content in terms of nudity, so exercise a bit of caution while scrolling through his feed if you’re on the cubicle.



New pep pep,husband,maker of artings n musicks…for my art/musick: WHTHD.BandCamp.com TRVLVTHN.BandCamp.comDEVOUTrcrds.BandCamp.com

Visit from my brother and his wife @timlehi

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The mastermind behind USBM Leviathan (among many other projects), Jef Whitehead, also has one of the most interesting feeds, mixing personal shots with band nostalgia, skateboarding and his very crafty artwork. Also follow Stevie Floyd’s (of Dark Castle fame) Instagram for more artwork and photos of one of the cutest metal babies I’ve ever seen. Read C-Mole’s review of the stellar new Leviathan album – Scar Sighted – right here.



Official @Mario Duplantier Art Gallerywww.marioduplantier.com

The drummer of Gojira is also a talented illustrator. I am particularly fond of his black & white drawings where he uses lots of lines to build his imagery. Would hang on the wall/10.



Graphic Artist | Misanthrope Guitar in Plague Widow | Burial Dirge West Oakland, CA – halrotting@gmail.comstore.rottinggraphics.com

here's the printed 'sorrow' shirt design for the band #Atriarch

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This guy’s artwork is insane – dark, dismal and crusty. Interspersed with his designs are some cool shots of gear porn, Death casettes and his reaaaally long hair.



Dillinger escape plan, GTO, @partysmasherincwww.partysmasherinc.com

In honor of tonight's season finale of #gameofthrones I decided to drop some #dragonbait

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If the fact that this dude plays guitar on The Dillinger Escape Plan is not enough to warrant a follow, the picture featured above should be. I rest my case.



Meeting great people and having good times🗿🐘💨

Date night with my favorite girl !!!@dean_snyder_campbell

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I am a huge Mastodon fanboy, and my infatuation with Brent Hinds is evergrowing. On his account there’s pics of his ongoing bromances with several fellow musicians, great shots of concerts, funny moments, gear porn, band updates and hangouts with the coolest grandma besides mine.



Intronaut, guitars, world travels, sandwiches. www.dunableguitars.com www.intronautofficial.com www.dunableguitars.com

Have I used the term “gear porn” too much in this article? Probably, but this is the last time. I promise. Intronaut is one of the sexiest metal bands right now (with an album due this year, hmm…), and their guitarist Sacha Dunable also builds guitars. From scratch. His work looks super legit, and scrolling through his brand’s website it looks like the materials are top notch as well. The humor shots also deliver.



Toilet Ov Hell’s very own Guacamole Jim is an accomplished philosopher. Not really, but a couple days ago he dropped one of his shiniest gems: “We bring ourselves close to death to remind us we’re alive.” Nergal, the frontman of Behemoth, has been on both ends of the spectrum. Thankfully, the man is on a roll that sees no signs of slowing down. He finished a massive tour with Cannibal Corpse and Tribulation, owns a barber shop, wrote a book and seems to be everywhere having a good time, all of which is documented in his Instagram feed. Definitely a must-follow.




Catonif of Kaoxifer #blackcirclefest

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Peter Beste is a legendary photographer. He also helms my favorite Instagram account. Why? Some of my major interests are there – Norwegian Black Metal, Houston Rap and much more. One of his major accomplishments in my opinion is that he is a storyteller, able to capture everyone’s perspective of whatever scene he is photographing. You can see from the point of view of the artist, of the concertgoer, of the fan and of the photographer himself. His current project is a book with battle jackets and vests, which you can participate in by being in the right place in the right time; refer to his website linked above for upcoming dates.


Call it stalking, voyeurism or whatever else you see fit. The way I see it, social media is a way for me to keep in touch with the artists I admire. The photographs posted to these accounts help me stay updated, amused and most importantly, inspired. I hope some of them can make you feel the same way.

P.S.: You can should also follow the Toilet ov Hell on Instagram for your fix of dank memes and overall glory.

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    I don’t have an Instagram account and I won’t make one.

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      I don’t have a smart phone. So, no can do.

  • The W.

    I had to look up belfie. Also, Sacha Dunable is a rad dude. I talked to him after a concert last year.

    • Dagon

      He sounds like he’s a fun guy, so does the rest of the band.

  • thexenosapien

    Although I don’t use Instagram, I would have thought grim kim would be on this list. Otherwise, looks like some interesting things to look at.

    • I already follow HoveroundDaily so no need really.

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        Fuck me… I don’t get it. I’ll forever be lost, like two girls without a cup.

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    Wait, holy shit. Is Stevie Floyd married to Jef Whitehead? Makes sense I guess since they are both from Portland.

    Also, nice Isengard shirt! I want that! Fenriz >>>>>>>


    • Tyree

      Stevie Floyd rules, check out here artwork and bands. Incredible artist.


      • Tyree

        Some of her artwork is located here. Good shit.


        • The W.

          There are some pretty rad pieces in there. I’d let her tattoo me.

          • Tyree

            I just confirmed that she did do the new Leviathan artwork, and she is married to Jef Whitehead.

            Edit: Yes, some really awesome artwork. Would get tattooed by her.

          • Pretentious is Kvlt O)))

            The marriage must have been pretty recent. In the interview Decibel (summon the ire of JAG) did with him earlier this year, they referred to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. They were definitely living together though.

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            They might not be married, they may just be together still. They did have a kid though I remember.

          • Pretentious is Kvlt O)))

            Her FB page lists them as married: https://www.facebook.com/steviefloydart

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            I mean, to my eyes there isn’t an objective difference between living together and being married, but then again I’m not religious.

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            Same here. I’m definitely doing R2 of this to show you guys some more rad stuff.

        • She makes very special art; have a very good style.


      • Malted Hate

        Plus the first Dark Castle is some sweet sweet sludge.

  • Tyree

    Nergal is like the biggest Satanic Bro there is.

  • A few others that I personally really like:
    @blackworkers – tattoo-based but also super metal. They also share clothing lines from tattoo artists and it’s all grvm shvt.

    @godmachine – because this dude’s artwork is crazy prolific in the metalsphere

    @darkwizard_berserker – awesome comic book style artwork that is metal as fuck

    @_adrian_baxter_illustration_ – awesome artwork that reminds me of old woodcuts from legends like albrecht durer.

    @jordanetid – illustrator/guitarist in Every Time I Die. Awesome artwork and funny stuff

    @sineateruk – more awesome illustration

    • Dagon

      I might do a second post. Black workers is super legit, I love black ink.

      Will check out the others.

      • Lacertilian

        Which was the account you showed me the other day?
        It’s not in here is it?

  • I pretty much only follow National Geographic, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and about 100 different accounts dedicated to posting daily pictures of a single puppy or kitten or bunny or turtle or piglet.


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  • I only follow cute animals (because opening Instagram is cheaper than mood-altering medication) but I’ll make an exception with a couple of these.

  • RepostedAvengedSevenfoldFan2

    So i had this talk with my mom about my favorite band,Avenged Sevenfold. i mentioned that they’re the most talented guys on the earth actually, so i told her about everything about them. She cried.

    -Javi Haner Jr., 1 week ago

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      RIP Javi Haner’s mom

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        Oh, and thought of you when I saw this article, lol!


  • To be honest, I’m very impressed on the curation of this list. Very interesing and varied stuff.

    If I had Instagram: would-follow/10 – LL.

    I lurk Arch Enemy (It’s run by Mike, I think) and Paul Masvidal account for massive fanboyism, like Dagy follows Brent “I hate merol” Hinds, jajaja.

    Awesome work here. *clap clap clap*

  • OHHH. Dang, Dagon. I didn’t realize it was Peter Beste that did both the Houston rap book and the black metal one. Must-follow.

    • Tyree

      They might want to get shirts a couple sizes smaller.

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        Hey! He looks good in that dress!

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          21st century bricks roll in
          Shirt size goes down

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      Baggy shirts are useless without the matching JNCOs! Gotta look like you’re wearing a circus tent, son!

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      I really like this dude’s style.

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    Terratur Possessions instagram is cool too.


    Sad fact is that, really,
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  • Captions are all out of order. You done goofed! **FLUSH**

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    Great article idea, I just followed Peter Beste

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  • So I just joined Facebook and now you dudes are saying I have to get an Instagram??



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    Ha Ha, sick! Peter Beste photographed my black metal battle vest for his book I think!

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